Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Tier List and Reroll Guide


Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile showed up last Thursday for iOS and Android in Japan. Players will follow the story of the original manga by Hiromu Arakawa, set upon a turn-based tactical RPG system. The game features full-blown voiceovers with characters being reprised by their original voice actors, alongside stunning 3DCG animated cutscenes recalling memorable moments from the Shōnen manga.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile incorporates a battle system where players take control of 4 characters in a grid-like stage selecting attacks, skills, and Ougi (ultimates) to eke out victories against adversaries. Utilize characters to their full potential by understanding the attributes of each action and coordinating the battle to your advantage!

This Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile tier list aims to approximate a recommendation out of the SSRs currently in the beginner gacha pool, whom you might want to stick with when you set off on your own adventure. Along with this, we’ll also be giving some rules of thumb to go about doing rerolls and team building!

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile
Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Tier List

How to Reroll?

Along with our tier list, here’s how to do rerolls in Fullmetal Alchemists Mobile. Keep in mind that the tutorial is fairly long and each reroll may take you anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per attempt.

1.Download Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile
2.Complete the tutorial by beating Stage 2-4 (Gacha before this point has fixed results!)
3.Go to the present box screen and collect all Coin rewards (enough for 28 pulls)
4.Pull the gacha using the collected rewards
5.If you’re not satisfied with your results, delete player data and repeat step 2
6.When done, back up your data by going to the data transfer screen

To specify more clearly in step 5, you will have to specifically head over to your account profile screen by tapping on your entered name on the top left part of the home screen. From here you can go back to the title screen and proceed to delete your save data to reset the game back to the tutorial without the hassle of redownloading Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile altogether.

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To backup, go to the profile screen and go back to the title screen but tap the button in the middle. This will take you to a Login prompt for a Square Enix account where you can login/ signup and tie your save data of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile to your own account and email address.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Tier List

Keep in mind that due to how Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile treats faction synergy as a stat boost wherein if you have a team comprised of characters who share the same faction, it is recommended you create a team of 4 units that have the same allegiance. Factions are not to be confused with elements and unit classes, as they are separate attributes unique to each character.

▼  An example of the Local Army team with Mustang and Olivier, where any attack to 2+ enemies deal 15% more damage


A generally good idea is to create a team comp revolving around the SSR character you pulled and working off of what particular faction they have if possible. Another point to consider is that even R and SR characters have their own unique uses and should be considered when making a balanced team. Each faction has a character that can fit the general roles needed in a party, so don’t be too worried if you find yourself with a team of one SSR and three Rs in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile.

SS Tier


As the poster boy of the currently limited gacha in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, Kimblee is a Shadow (暗影) faction AOE caster that uses the Creation element. True to his callings for all things explosive, Kimblee is unique in that he has a special stacking passive called Philosopher’s Stone which he gains every time he starts a combat phase. Stackable up to six times, Kimblee relies on gaining them to boost his already high alchemical ATK stat up to 12%. As well as just keeping them, Kimblee can spend his stacks to further enhance his skill and Ougi to their maximum potential, where their range and/or damage is improved.

Skill 1 is notable in particular as when it kills a unit, it causes an AOE explosion around the fallen enemy in a 1 tile radius by dealing damage equivalent to 20% of Kimblee’s alchemical attack stat. This changes if Kimblee spends a Philosopher’s Stone stack, where the damage output is increased by another 10%.

Due to the fact that he needs to get himself into fights to collect Philosopher’s Stone stacks to do more damage later, Kimblee should be paired with supporting units and tanks to back him up early on in the fight, as he possesses no defensive attributes whatsoever.

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Lust is a character that can be pulled from the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile beginner gacha, which guarantees an SSR upon your first 10 pulls. As part of the Shadow (暗影) faction, Lust is a ranged destruction element caster who excels at inflicting debuffs on her foes. Her biggest asset comes in her skill set which revolves around her skills that offer unique ailments that only she can employ.

Lust’s passive decreases alchemical damage resistance on an enemy before each fight she goes into as well as applying a grievous wound debuff which hampers enemy healing by 30%. This combined with her two active skills causes similar debuffs that can all stack up.

Lust can contribute an immense amount of bonus damage while increasing the attack power of her teammates as well as weakening their ability to defend themselves. Lust’s playstyle of constantly applying debuffs while doing damage synergizes well with her own faction’s passive bonus which boosts inflicted damage by 5% for each debuff slapped on to foes up to 20%.

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Mei is part of the Outsider (彼方者) faction, a healer support class that uses the gray-colored humanity element that has no element advantage or disadvantage. As the only pure support in this Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile tier list, Mei is the jack-of-all-trades support role that encompasses healing, crit support, and movement support when slotted into a team.

Upon ending a turn, Mei will automatically heal the ally unit with the lowest health and then inflict a foe standing in front of her with a debuff that increases the critical hit rate of anyone attacking them by 20%. Her skill 1, 2, and Ougi center around increasing the crit rate or crit damage your allies do, and so generally speaking her healings follow suit.

Her skill 1 has her teleport an ally to her side while giving them a stealth buff (untargettable by enemies) as well as giving them a 20% crit damage buff. Skill 2 buffs an ally where for every tile they move up, they gain a 5% crit rate up to 25%. Though slightly gimmicky in how she gives out healing through her active skills, Mei is a valuable support in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile due to her sheer potential where when all her conditions are met, she can increase the crit rate of an ally by 45% and crit damage by a staggering 60%!

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One of the three characters available in the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile beginner gacha, Scar is an attacker with the outsider (彼方者) faction that uses the destruction element like Envy and Lust, to deal damage. While seeming like a dime-a-dozen attacker, Scar is unique in that his passive and active skills allow him to zip around the battlefield taking down enemies left and right.

His passive is one whereupon defeating an enemy, Scar is able to move and attack once more, effectively giving him an extra turn. Combining this with the skill sets that move him an extra 2 tiles and self-buffing skills, Scar is an excellent addition to your team in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile even outside of his faction.

If there is one point to nitpick about, it would be his lack of attack range, but this too can be counteracted somewhat when he is given more levels and ascensions later on in the game to bolster his attack power and have him oneshot enemies.

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S Tier


Alex Louis Armstrong is a tank that deals alchemical damage and is under the Order (秩序) faction in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. More than just a meat shield, Alex can double both as a tank AND support, thanks to his unique Break debuff, which decreases the damage dealt by enemies by 15% when inflicted once and outright stuns them for a full turn when inflicted twice.

To strike foes with the debuff, Alex has his skill 2 which allows him to intercept attacks targeting his allies in a 2-tile radius. Add this with his passive which further decreases any incoming damage to him and his allies by 10%, Alex is an excellent defender for parties that need someone to take the hits while stopping the enemies in their tracks. The second half of his passive, which boosts his damage on counterattacks by 130% is also a nice added bonus.

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Envy is a Destruction element physical attacker role, under the Shadow (暗影) faction in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Though sporting an overall average stat distribution, Envy compensates this with his own passive that allows him to spontaneously change his own elemental attribute before the battle phase, giving him a type advantage anytime he initiates a fight. This does mean that he can’t change his element when being hit by AOE attacks so keep that in mind when using him.

His other unique trait comes from his skill 1 which has the ability to steal a random buff off the target struck and his Ougi which inflicts a random debuff in an AOE that lasts for 2 turns. While some luck is involved, being able to take away a buff can be crucial in harder fights in the later story battles with units that increase their stats through self buffs.

However with somewhat of a caveat, as most boss units encountered in the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile’s story don’t seem to have a particular weakness attributed to them, rendering Envy’s unique ability moot in such situations. Envy arguably strives even more in PvP fights where buffs are being thrown around to hard hitters on the opposition.

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Greed is a tank role unit with the Body element type, belonging to the Shadow faction in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Boasting high defense stats all across the board, Greed is unique as a tank in how his tanking abilities follow in line with the playstyle of other Shadow faction units he is often paired with.

When starting or getting into a fight, Greed passively gains a buff that increases his physical defense by 5% up to a total of 15% when stacked. After gaining stacks and boosting his defenses, Greed can then go on the offensive by using his skill 1, which converts 200% of his current physical defense stat into damage dealt. On top of this, skill 1 also gives Greed another stack on his passive, allowing him to effortlessly cycle through enemies while taking hits for his allies. Skill 2 makes Greed jump in to take a blow otherwise targeted at another teammate if they were in a 1 tile range of him.

Given some investments and uncaps, Greed can even double as offensive support that inflicts debuffs when gaining a stack or using his skills. This goes in handy with his aforementioned faction synergy with the Shadow faction, as the bonus is dictated by how many debuffs the enemy is afflicted by.

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As a Creation element ranged attacker under the Change faction, Mustang has extremely high offensive alchemy stats that contribute to his role as an AOE damage dealer in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Mustang’s skills are all centered around his Burn debuff, which does alchemical damage every turn to affected enemies relative to 15% of Mustang’s own alchemic damage stat.

The Burn debuff also has the unique attribute of lingering for two turns, which goes hand in hand with his skills that do more damage when the target is already set ablaze. Mustang himself isn’t really one for taking hits, as his only real protection is his passive ability where he has a 40% chance of inflicting a Burn status to his assailant.

It should also be noted Mustang is a unit you can get simply from just playing Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile (clearing 60 tasks in the beginners training missions), which is why he is placed slightly lower in priority when doing rerolls. This is arguable as pulling dupes of him isn’t inherently a bad idea either due to how straightforward his upgrades are when uncapped.

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As the last character available in the Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile beginner gacha, Olivier is part of the Change (変革) faction and uses the Heart element to provide offensive support. Her biggest win has to be her powerful passive that inflicts fixed damage to any enemy she hits, shaving off 10% of their health.

Olivier also makes enemies take 5% additional damage when at a 2 tiles distance from her, as well as increasing the damage taken up to a total of 15% if they are inflicted by frostbite which she can dish out with her skills. The frostbite status ailment also reduces the number of tiles an enemy can travel by 1.

Due to how skills work in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, both of Olivier’s skills cannot be counterattacked as they do not cause a battle phase to happen, as they all have an area of effect rather than targeting a single combatant. Being part of the same faction, Olivier also benefits from being part of a team with another SSR such as Mustang. Since he can be acquired through story progression, it’s highly recommended to have both of them in a team!

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A Tier


Brigadier General Basque Grand is a Creation element hybrid attacker, a member of the Order (秩序) faction in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Grand’s unique trait is in his very nature as a hybrid damage dealer, that can switch his damage type on a whim according to what he’s up against. From his default state of physical where his range is one adjacent tile, switching over to alchemical also changes his attack range accordingly to two squares around him. Changing his attack type also changes the effects of his skills so be sure to check which version of him you want in each situation you put him in.

However, Grand is more often than not suited to be in a team focusing on melee units due to his skill sets that revolve around having units adjacent to Grand himself. This comes in the form of his passive that lowers counterattack damage by 10% for Grand and his allies around him and improve their physical & alchemical damage by a maximum of 8%.

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Izumi is part of the Freedom (自由) faction and is a Technique element physical attacker that focuses on charging up her Ougi fast by way of using her skills. Beginning with her passive which gives her an extra 3 points when starting a level, her skill 1 consist of a physical damage AOE attack which has a 40% chance to give Ougi points for each enemy struck up to 3 points max.

Her skill 2 on the other hand is a repositioning attack that switches Izumi’s position with her foe. All of these utility skills that give her charges culminate in her Ougi, which is a single target nuke that buffs her physical attack prowess by 20% for the next 2 turns. Overall, Izumi’s kit is straight to the point and is focused entirely on dealing devastating amounts of physical damage to her enemies while snowballing with the on-kill effect after activating her Ougi.

Izumi also happens to be part of the same faction as the Elric Brothers as well as Winry who are guaranteed when you start Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, so you can hypothetically make a team out of literally no other investment in terms of gacha. However, Izumi’s faction lacks SR choices outside of the three free options making team diversity an issue since Edward shares the same role as Izumi, both being physical melee attackers.

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Ling is part of the Outsider (彼方者) faction in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile just like his half-sister Mei and is a tank with the body element. The 12th prince of Xing’s unique attribute comes from how he can reduce incoming ranged damage by 10%, as well as his skill 2 which has him summon a soldier of the Yao clan who is a full-blown unit of their own.

Along with these tricks, Ling also has access to a disabling skill of his own in his skill 1, which stops enemies from using an alchemy skill or Ougi for 1 turn. This all combines into a mixed and somewhat messy kit, where Ling himself doesn’t have any sort of skills to reduce or tank hits like his class implies where his skills rely on having his summoned unit carrying his weight somewhat.

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Final Notes on Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

If the amount of explanation for each character unit wasn’t already overwhelming, the game mechanics and complexity of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile don’t end there. The game is still early and so the general consensus for each character as well as faction-based team comps are relative to change as well. It should also be fairly noted that each enemy composition, as well as game mode (PvE or PvP), calls for different characters in a team.

Also, keep in mind that Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile will require a VPN for Japan when installing and booting up, so be careful not to disconnect while on the reroll grind!

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