Mist Sequence Sci-Fi Fantasy RPG Unveils Worldview, Gameplay, and 2nd CBT


STARLINEAR held a live stream detailing the world and gameplay of its upcoming “retro” Sci-fi Fantasy RPG, Mist Sequence (雾境序列).

Announced in China nearly years ago, Mist Sequence is an ambitious title blending RTS and Tower Defense gameplay. While you do move your units along a grid and command them to attack to defend, the game plays in real-time.

Mist Sequence’s 2nd Closed beta Test begins on August 16 in China, the game itself currently has no release date.

Mist Sequence Worldview

Mist Sequence takes place on a barren continent that was supposedly under the protection of the gods. The island contained the remnants of humanity after a war that had lasted for several millennia, ruled by four imperial states and federations.

Suddenly, a gigantic fog enveloped the island, splitting off the people of the continent. Those that entered the fog wouldn’t return the same, becoming mad, and monsters suddenly emerged from the fog.

To combat the fog and understand it, a special agency known as AUGE was formed, to investigate the fog, and find ways to overcome and escape the fog. The “retro” tagline in the game, is a reference to how the characters are trying to revive/restore the world back to its glory days, to a more “retro” era of peace,

Mist Sequence
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 3
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 6
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 8
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 7

Mist Sequence New Characters

Revealed in the live stream were some new characters that will be appearing in the 2nd CBT. Check out the new character’s designs who will be voiced in Chinese, and Japanese. The game will feature seven character archetypes/classes, each fulfilling a unique role on the battlefield, with varied attack ranges and abilities.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 9
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 10
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 11
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 12
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 13

Mist Sequence Enemy Design

New enemies were also unveiled for the CBT, including, a long-ranged mage-type enemy that can seemingly create portals for the enemy on the map, and one of the game’s story bosses.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 18
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 19
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 20

Mist Sequence Gameplay Features

The game also received numerous adjustments to its UI and interface, with the maps being more fleshed out and the UI now splitting up its multiple functions across different tabs to make it less cluttered.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 14
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 16

The airship system also received an update. The Airship serves as the base of operations, with numerous facilities allowing you to collect rewards daily, and send characters out on expeditions to hunt for certain items.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 17
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 27
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 28

Here you can see some of how the game will play, giving you an overview of the map alongside the enemies and objectives you will need to defend. You can prepare your squad’s formations and unit placements before starting a level, or have the game automatically place them for you.

The game also features several gimmicks on each map, allowing your characters to return to base to recover health, or gain buffs from shooting in higher elevations. Because of this, the design of each level, and how you approach it may be the difference between victory or defeat.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 21
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 22

A new feature was also introduced, called “Exploration Incidents”, which has you moving characters along a map, encountering story scenes, and battling enemies in classic first-person turn-based RPG gameplay.

mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 23
mist sequence 2nd cbt 00 24

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