Ao Oni Online x Isekai Quartet Collab Starts from August 8


LiTMUS announced that the second summer vacation collaboration project for the horror survival mobile game Ao Oni Online with Isekai Quartet the Movie – Another World, will begin on August 8, starting at 15:00 [JST]!

In this collaboration event, A total of 12 major characters from the Isekai Quartet, including Albedo, Aqua, Emilia, Tanya, and Raphtalia, will appear in the collaboration. There will also be a collaboration gacha which changes every week!

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Ao Oni Online x Isekai Quartet Gacha

Every week, the collaboration gacha will change, which also changes which character you can get. Right now, the collaboration gacha will have Ainz and Albedo as pick-ups, with other characters such as Naofumi and Subaru being available at a later date.

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Ao Oni Online x Isekai Quartet “Tower of Collaboration” Event

The “Tower of Collaboration” is a dungeon-type stage consisting of five levels. By solving the riddles on each level and conquering the tower, players will earn the Filo from Rising of the Shield Hero.

If you clear the limited challenge events, you can acquire “Tanya” from “Child Warrior”. And Viktoriya will also be available at the Blue Gem Shop!

In addition, limited maps featuring the “Golem” will be available in the 100 Person Survival and Blue Escape V.

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