Netmarble’s Grand Cross W Begins Beta Test on August 19


Netmarble announced that a beta test is to be held for its latest 4X strategy simulation title, Grand Cross W. Featuring 2D anime-style graphics, the smartphone/ PC game allows players to experience an exhilarating strategic, large-scale battle between worlds and servers.

The beta test will be held from August 19 through August 28. Players can begin downloading the game starting on August 7 on Google Play (Android) and CUBE (PC). Players joining the beta can also obtain a special reward set as below.

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Grand Cross W Beta Test PV

Grand Cross W Gameplay

In Grand Cross W, players will join forces with the main hero Layla, as they build armies, construct buildings, and train troops in an effort to restore the war-torn territory. Battles can be won by summoning heroes from other worlds and using the magical power of Lapis.

The game features large-scale, real-time, immersive siege wars across land and air. Several game modes will be available for all players to enjoy including single-player and multiplayer content.

Lead multiple troop types such as Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, and Combat Engineers to win battles! Ranged archers and air units add a new strategic component to the game and can turn the tide of the war. Long-range combat allows players to attack across rivers, while air units are capable of crossing tall mountain ranges.


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