BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ Shuts Down on September 12; New Game In Progress


Cyberstep officially announced that it will be shutting down the real-time multiplayer tower defense RPG, BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ in one month on September 12, 15:00 [JST]. The game was released on June 22, 2022, meaning the game ran for just under three months before its shut down.

The developers of the game will be issuing refunds for the product, and have suspended the sale of all premium and paid items at the time of the announcement. Afterwards on September 12 the game will be shut down, with all services and support related to the game ending on October 14.

As of August 15, the company ORCUS obtained the Black Stella copyright and trademark and unveiled a remake/overhaul of the game in production with a completely reworked battle and character system. Cyberstep released an early development gameplay video to preview the game’s early prototype without audio.

Update: ORCUS and Cyberstep are remaking Black Stella.

Black Stella Remake Early Gameplay

BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ Developer Notice

In a notice posted on the official website, the developers apologized for the sudden announcement and came to the conclusion that despite their hard work, they came to the conclusion that it would be difficult to provide a satisfactory experience in the long term, and decided to terminate the service entirely.

Players will still be able to use their paid stones and can issue refunds for the paid stones and VIP purchases based on the information they used for their purchases.

Black Stella IиFernO Confirms Release Date on June 22 unnamed 1


BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ is a 3D multiplayer tower defense game set in a gruesome future where Tokyo was split off from the rest of the world. In 1999, a series of unknown disasters sprung up in the city of Tokyo, culminating in a giant hole that swallowed up the entire Minato ward, and weird creatures known as Mamonos emerged, terrorizing the populace. Since then, the city has been completely sealed off, with little hope of ever retaking it back.

Players can form circles with friends and new people to tackle stages together, combining members of their team in real-time tower defense gameplay. The game offers text chat and other social features to make playing the game relaxing outside of combat.

The game has a rating of 2.3 on the QooApp Game Store.

Black Stella Iи:FernØ Multiplayer Real-time Battle Game Opens for Pre-registration

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