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After its immense popularity in China, Tower of Fantasy has finally made its way to a global audience, with recent releases in Asia, Europe, and America! And of course, being an MMO game, there’s always a lot you can do in order to explore the vast of Aespesria. We have compiled some of the tips and tricks you’ll need to get around with the game, as well as a brief summary of how rerolling works and if it’s necessary.

Is Reroll Necessary in Tower of Fantasy?

Personally, I’d say rerolling on Tower of Fantasy can be a bit unnecessary, unless you want a lot of 5-star characters right from the beginning.

This is because beginners of Tower of Fantasy have access to a series of missions that can give them a free SSR, and by following the steps listed later in this guide, you’ll be able to obtain a generous amount of Nucleus, and get to your first pity without much trouble.

tower of fantasy guide rerolling

Tower of Fantasy Rerolling Steps

If you do want to reroll, it is incredibly easy, though the process can be a bit tedious and can only work a handful of times.

1. Choose the server you wish to create a character on. Any server will do, but preferably pick one that matches your region for less ping.
2. Proceed through the opening cutscene and name your character.
3. It will take a while, but eventually, you’ll be able to open the gift icon. Tap that and claim the pre-registration rewards and the x10 Golden Nucleus.
4. Use the rewards you just got and select Special Orders.
5. If you did not get a favorable result, close the game and move on to step 6. Otherwise, you can move on to step 8.
6. On the login screen, select another server with a different name than the one you just did your reroll. Preferably, try selecting a server with a green icon, because that indicates the server is less loaded.
7. Go through steps 2 through 6 once again.
8. If you got a favorable result, congrats! Now you can continue playing the game with that character. Just remember which server that character is by jotting down the server name.

Do not worry if this process ends with your friend and you on servers with a different name! Tower of Fantasy offers cross-play for as long as you’re in the same region (i.e. both servers are in the North America tab, for example).

tower of fantasy guide servers

Tower of Fantasy Beginner Tips

Tip 1 – Upgrade your Equipment

Equipment is an important aspect. You can strengthen your weapons by collecting materials in the instance realms or buying them from the in-game stores.

Once equipment reaches a certain level, you must use gem shards and other items in order to uncap the level. Your Wanderer Level must also be at a higher level to perform the action, but I can ascertain you that it is worth it. For example, the Rose Edge can barely hit 100 damage at LV 1, but after increasing it to LV 40, enemies took 500 damage each time.

You can also affix four different types of Matrix to your weapons to increase their base stats and do even more damage. Experimenting with all sorts of different combinations is part of the fun!

tower of fantasy guide weapona

Tip 2 – Remember to Complete Your Bounties!

Every day, Tower of Fantasy will offer you different purple-colored quests known as Bounties. These Bounties request you defeat certain enemies which can be found in areas marked with the purple diamond icon.

Defeating bounties is definitely the fastest way to earn EXP rewards, so you can unlock all of the in-game features quickly. You can also call for help from your friends and have them do Bounties with you so you both get the rewards. Win-win!

tower of fantasy guide bounties

Tip 3 – How to Easily Spend Energy When You Don’t Have Time

Once you reach Wanderer Level 28, you’ll unlock Omnium Beacon, which allows you to spend 30 of the in-game energy to get a random collector of varying rarity.

After obtaining your collectors, all you have to do is set it in a place of the overworld and await 24 hours, and collect a plethora of rewards. This is useful in case you have a too-busy day to do the other in-game tasks that consume Vitality.

tower of fantasy guide omnium beacons

Tip 4 – Explore the World For Nucleus!

“Nucleus” is a valuable type of currency that you use for Special Orders. And you can find those scattered all across Aida in the supply pods and by solving puzzles.

Finding treasures will also increase your exploration percentage, which grants rewards when you reach a certain percentage! In case you need help finding them, I recommend looking at the interactive map, which is a fan-made creation made to help you know where to find everything. It’s super handy!

tower of fantasy guide nuclei

Tip 5 – Don’t Forget Your SSR Choice Box!

All Tower of Fantasy accounts will have an event called Starpath Navigation, where you complete missions and get points. The missions refresh over time, and you can obtain a lot of great rewards.

But the most important of them all is the 700-point box, which allows you to pick one SSR weapon of your choice! This is the most optimal way to get an SSR because the missions are fairly simple to complete.

tower of fantasy guide newcomer event

Extra Tip – Who To Pick From The SSR Choice Box?

If you’re unsure about which weapon to pick from your SSR Choice Box, there is one particular character that I recommend, and that is KING, the scythe-wielding fire-element mercenary (and voiced in Japanese by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)!

KING possesses an ability that allows him to easily shatter Enemy Shields, with his Shatter rate being one of the highest as of right now. His ability is also great for mowing down large groups of enemies.

Therefore, if you aren’t sure as to who to pick, and want the strongest of the bunch, I have no doubts that KING will satisfy all of your required needs, giving you a very good head start on making a strong PVE team.

tower of fantasy who to pick

Share Your Thoughts on Tower of Fantasy!

Though most people will certainly compare it to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy is a bit different in some ways, such as its story not being a fantasy theme but a cyberpunk theme and the fact that it’s not an RPG, but an MMORPG, technically. I am curious to see what future updates will bring to the game and its story. Remember to tell us what you think about Tower of Fantasy and I certainly hope these tips helped you make the best experience on Aida!

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