Monster Strike x One Piece Film Red Collab Runs from Aug 20; 10 One Piece Characters Arrive in Gacha!


Mixi’s Monster Strike slingshot mobile game has revealed the details for its upcoming One Piece Film Red collaboration, which will run from August 20, 0:00 [JPT].

In this collaboration event, a total of 10 collaboration characters from One Piece Film Red will arrive in the collaboration gacha, with more features in the collaboration quests.

Monster Strike x One Piece Film Red Runs from Aug 20; 10 One Piece Characters Arrive in Gacha!

Monster Strike x One Piece Film Red Collab Gacha

[Fire] ★6 “Straw Hat” Luffy – CV: Mayumi Tanaka

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[Wood] ★6 “Pirate Hunter” Zoro – CV:  Kazuya Nakai

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[Dark] ★6 “Black Leg”  Sanji – CV: Hiroaki Hirata

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[Fire] ★6 “Fire Fist” Ace – CV: Toshio Furukawa

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[Water] ★6 “Self-Acclaimed Oden” Yamato – CV: Saori Hayami 

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[Light] ★6 “Revolutionary Army’s chief of staff” Sabo – CV: Tōru Furuya

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[Water] ★5 “Knight of the Sea” Jimbei- CV: Daisuke Gōri

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[Light] ★5 “Iron Man” Franky – CV: Kazuki Yao

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[Wood] ★5 “God” Usopp – CV: Kappei Yamaguchi

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[Dark] ★5 “Soul King” Brook – CV: Chō

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Monster Strike x One Piece Film Red Collab Quests

Collaboration quests featuring Big Mom, Crocodile, Boa Hancock, Doflamingo, and Mihawk will also be available from Aug 20. Clearing the quests will have a probability to obtain the characters.

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While Chopper will appear as the Guardian quests, which will join your party after clearing the quest.

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Collab Starter Pack

[Light] ★6 “Cat Burglar” Nami & “Devil Child” Robin will be on sale as a starter pack for in-app purchases.

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Login to Get Uta!

Players who log in to the game during the collaboration period can obtain multiple copies of [Light] ★6 “Shank’s Daughter” Uta!

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