Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Tier List and Reroll Guide


Developed by Shanda Shengqu Games and Published by Crunchyroll Games, Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is a mobile turn-based RPG title based on a Chinese manhua of the same name. Initially launching as a game exclusive to the Chinese and South East Asian regions, Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire was a game that went as a fairly unknown title outside of its region for its obvious exclusivity.

The original title has since been shut down in SEA regions, leaving most of its player base to pick between termination or server integration over to the Chinese servers. This all ended back in July when Crunchyroll acquired the rights to launch the game globally excluding SEA regions. Players outside of the two previously available regions may just now be getting to know the game, and so this Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Tier List and Reroll Guide is made to hopefully give you an idea for who to start off with!

Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Reroll Steps

The reroll process of Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire takes a bit to go through due to trivial reasons like not being collect rewards all at once in the mailbox menu, but binding your account should be relatively easy.

1. Download Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire
2.Boot the game up and select Guest Account. Choose any server applicable to you.
3.Progress through the tutorial. The summon during the tutorial has fixed results.
4.Clear a stage in adventure mode to access the menus needed for the next few steps. Be sure to employ auto battle when possible!
5.Collect the pre-registration rewards and login bonuses at the mailbox menu (Nets 4 obsidian letters for gachas and 1000 diamonds).
6.Exchange the collected Diamond currencies for Obsidian Letters to get up to 10 of them for a 10 roll.
7. Do a 10 Roll on the Newcomer Limited Summon Banner.
8. If you find your results lacking, uninstall the game and repeat step 2.
9.If you have a desirable result, congrats! Link your account up via Google/Facebook/AppleID. Make sure to jot down which server you’re on as well!

A little more on the Newcomer Limited Summon Banner, since this one banner features a 40% discount on its pulls. This effectively means you only need 6 obsidian letters (equivalent to 1500 diamonds) for a 10-pull, allowing you to scrounge up a 10-pull faster on this banner in particular.

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Also, noted that the characters in the rate up for the Newcomer Limited Summon Banner are separate from the claimable 5-star after doing a 10 pull 15 times. This means depending on the characters you want, it may be preferable for you to keep on going with your account even after the initial 10 pull so that you may claim the 5-star at the end. Just be sure to hoard up enough diamonds/obsidian letters before the 21st day as that’s when the banner expires on an account.

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Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire Tier List

This Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire tier list will also be taking character units currently not available in the gacha roster into account, due to the nature of the game’s banner system. Also, as there are discrepancies in the character names in the global and SEA servers, this tier list will follow the character names of the Global version. Image references will also be shown in their 5-star iterations.

SS Tier

★5 Silio

Silio is a dark element warrior that offers tank abilities that can draw fire for a turn. This ability comes in handy, especially when you need to ready up for a deadly blow. To synergize with this, his talent gives him 15 points of fury whenever he receives hits or is healed. As a leader, he can grant a damage and defense boost to both dark and fire heroes.

His talent also synergizes well with Lilo, the guaranteed 5-star, as Silio gains 15% additional health if she’s in the squad. If given his upgraded equipment Odin Armor, Silio can also tank more effectively with an added ability that mitigates incoming damage by 20% if his HP is lower than 50% at the beginning of a battle.

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★5 Awakening Lydia

Lydia is a powerful support/healer unit that uses the Thunder element in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire. Boasting high recovery stats, Lydia makes use of her healing special move which replenishes the health of the entire team and talent where she gains 5 furies every round if her HP is full, or heal herself for 10% of her health. This comes together with a leader skill that grants a chance for all party members to regain max fury after using their ultimate, allowing them to dish out critical damage with a bit of luck.

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S Tier

5 Admina

Admina is a fire-element warrior that strives at the front of the battle line as a leader. While her stats may look underwhelming at first, Admina’s unique leader skill covers for this, where she boosts her maximum HP by 100%, and her attack and recovery stats by 50% whenever she is the leader of a team. Along with her absurdly high stats at higher levels, Admina also grants valuable damage support as her talent allows her to give out a 10% crit rate buff to all her compatriots.

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★5 Elder Varvara

A dark element Marksman class, Elder Varvara is a valuable asset to any team in Bloodline with her all-encompassing ultimate that hits all targets, as well as a kit revolving around rotating, said powerful ult.

Varvara’s talent attacks the enemy with the lowest HP that grants herself 30 furies if it kills its target. Add this together with her leader skill which sees a whopping 40% defense negation for all attacks dealt by your team and you have yourself a team that keeps snowballing through hordes of enemies.

Elder Varvara’s talent also has a hidden synergy effect with Aqua, a water warrior 5-star where her attack and HP stats are increased when Varvara is in the same team as her.

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★5 Kalith

Kalith is a water warrior who luckily is available as a trade-in character after making 15 separate 10 pull at the Newcomer Limited Summon upon beginning Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire.

Kalith is unique in that her talent comes in two parts: firstly it grants her an invulnerability/taunt on herself at the beginning of a round. Secondly, at the end of a round, she gains a damage buff based on how many times Kalith dealt damage, increasing by 5% for each hit. This allows her to safely tank a hit every fight and gives her an edge in more prolonged fights within dungeons and adventure mode.

To top it off, her leader skill allows anyone on her team to survive a fatal hit at the cost of her aforementioned damage buff!

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★5 Lorraine

A Dark Assassin type, Lorraine excels at dealing critical hits as well as helping his teammates land crits if he’s the leader. His talent sauces up his crit rate by 20% for the attack next turn. This is beneficial for him as both his normal attack and ultimate are five consecutive hits, meaning all of those five blows can potentially be critical. Combine this together with Lorraine’s leader skill that boosts all team members’ crit damage by 100%.

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★5 O-Seven

As a Water Assassin, O-Seven is a fine addition to any team in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire as a team leader. Starting with an ultimate that decreases a target’s attack by 35%, O-Seven stays true to her status as an Assassin as she possesses a talent that reduces her chances of being targeted.

Where O-Seven truly thrives is when she is the leader of a team. Any Water element and/or Assassin enjoy a 35% damage boost whenever O-Seven is the leader. Interestingly, this leader skill also doubles in effect if the unit fits both criteria’s making a mono-element team extremely powerful for both PvE and PvP situations.

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★5 Rinne

Rinne is a Dark element Assassin that gains benefits from being placed in a team of both Water and Dark element characters in Bloodline. She also possesses a unique damage multiplier where she deals 25% more damage to Water and Light type enemies,

Linne can also debuff enemies with her ultimate which reduces the target’s attack and defense by 15%. A team placing her as the leader benefits from a faction-based buff which increases the crit rate on characters so long as they are of the Otherworld faction. If they also happen to be a Dark or Water type unit, they additionally gain a crit damage buff by 50%.

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★5 Sakura

Sakura is a Fire element unit that starts off as a Marksman, who prefers staying in the backline for her skills to shine. As a Marksman class, Sakura’s skills revolve mainly around herself and others in the back row to be the de facto DPS role of the team.

Thanks to her talents which see all team members at the rear position gain 25% crit damage added with her leader skill which slaps on a 40% damage buff to all Assassins and Marksman makes her the ideal leader for a team comprised of said classes.

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★5 Valera

Valera is a Thunder-type Assassin in Bloodline, who possesses abilities that debilitate the enemy and buff all-female teams if she is the leader of the bunch. Her talent is particularly powerful as it decreases the defense stat of an enemy by 15% for 2 rounds.

Debuffs that last longer than a turn are valuable as they can be cycled if needed especially against more formidable opponents such as dungeon bosses in PvE situations. Her leader skill also increases the damage as well as the defense of all female characters in the team.

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★5 War Maiden

War Maiden is a specifically unique Light element Warrior in Bloodline as her leader skill possesses one and only property. If War Maiden is set as the leader of the team, any damage dealt by an ultimate is increased by 80%. But more importantly, any battle won with her as the leader additionally enjoys a 50% increase in EXP gain.

Outside of being an excellent unit for grinding out levels, War Maiden also has a talent that heals herself by 15% at the beginning of every round. Though possessing effectively not many ways to boost her team offensively, slotting War Maiden in a team for blitzing (auto clearing) farming runs of dungeons allows you to also level grind while trying to get materials.

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A Tier

★5 Roy the Destroyer

Roy the Destroyer is a Mage who employs Thunder element in Bloodline, a unit that shines most when in a team together with another character called Golem, who can be recruited to any player of Bloodline if they are in the Fortune Teller Store.

Armed with talents and ultimate moves that are buffed if Golem is on the team, Roy also synergizes with teams comprised of Thunder and Mage members as when he is the leader any team member applicable gains a crit rate equivalent to their current HP (up to 50% crit rate) and upon a critical hit, restore 6 points of fury.

Though restricted in team compositions, Roy is an excellent team leader for low-investment teams if you pulled him, as his buddy Golem is a relatively easy character to get.

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★5 Milly

Milly is a Thunder element Assassin who focuses more on taking on multiple enemies at times and boosting mono Thunder teams as a leader. As a unit, Milly’s ultimate has her attack a single enemy with lightning that spreads to other enemies in the vicinity. This spread damage happens to be variable, meaning how hard they hit is completely influenced by the placement of each enemy.

Milly as a leader thrives in a team made of nothing but thunder element characters, as her leader skill increases their HP by 15% and more importantly boosts damage dealt by the team by 7% for each Thunder unit in the team. This means a full team of Thunder characters gain a 35% boost to damage, which is more than enough to compensate for her talent, which boosts damage dealt by another 100% for Milly at the cost of reducing her attack stat by 20%.

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★5 Midnight Menace Lilo

The cover girl of Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire, the titular vampire girl Lilo is a fire element warrior. Though a free unit given to all players when beginning their journey, Lilo is a valuable character in the sense that even as a damage dealer, she excels at surviving long drawn-out fights and consecutive encounters that make up the higher-level PvE contents.

With her aptly named Blood Pulse talent, Lilo siphons HP off the enemy for 20% of any damage her attacks deal. As a leader, Lilo increases damage dealt by 15% and negates 15% of taken damage. It should be important to know that the titular royal vampire’s blood-sucking capabilities weaken after she uses her ultimate. Be sure to know when to use your ultimate as it can make or break her ability to survive in fights!

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Final Notes

Though going through 14 characters in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire, the game features more than 50 different other characters just in the 5-star roster. This can mean that some other characters from the gacha can be more beneficial to your team dependent on the element/class you may want to focus on when team building.

Added to this fact are the intricate systems such as fates that unlock a character when you have three other (usually 5-star) characters that are related to them. Fates grant the unit in question an additional passive ability which could make them more effective combatants in higher difficulty dungeons. However, these only unlock when you reach 50 so are a faraway investment for new players. Most of the characters listed here tend to be strong on their own, or are relatively easy to pick up and play with at lower levels.

The recently ended Attack on Titan collabs with Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire would have also been listed due to how powerful units like Eren are in lower-end dungeons and Arena PvP, they are not listed in this Tier List as the collaboration banner has ended recently.

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