Makai Wars Mobile Shuts Down on October 21


Nippon Ichi Software announced that it is shutting down its SRPG title Makai Wars Mobile. The title was released on February 14, 2018, and will have been online for 4 years and 8 months once it shuts down.

Nippon Ichi Software announced the shutdown on Twitter, there are currently no additional details as to whether or not they will issue refunds to existing players as the post simply thanks all the adventures for the fun they’ve had together.

Makai Wars

Makai Wars Opening Movie

About Makai Wars

Makai Wars is a strategy RPG in a similar vein to the Makai Senki and later Disgaea series. The game features Asagi, a recurring character in the Disgaea games who was rumored to protagonist in Makai Wars, a canceled PS2 title before NIS went on to make Disgaea. Asagi is now back and finally has her own game on mobile devices!

One day Asagi has a dream about being a capital-H Hero who fights the evil demon king Desco while encountering her own evil twin. Of course, this is only a dream, and couldn’t happen to a normal high school girl™ like her. Until one day, she is summoned by Freya from NIS’ other mobile game, Ragna Quest, who tells Asagi that she’s actually a goddess and has to save the multiverse by recruiting heroes!… And because Freya’s too lazy to.

Makai Wars has a rating of 4.0 on the QooApp Game Store

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