Disgaea 7 Announced, Coming to PS4, PS5, and Switch in January 2023!


Nippon Ichi Software just dropped a reveal trailer for Disgaea 7, announcing the game is real and coming in just a couple of months!

Set in the “Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster”, take to this new Japanese-inspired demon world, and control the wandering Samurai Fuji, and the Hinomoto Otaku Piririka to bring order back to the impoverished Hinomoto, and overthrow the Ooedo Shogunate! Experience the series’ massive playground of upgrade features to deal trillions of damage, throw out over-the-top super moves, and experience the world of Disgaea once more!

Disgaea 7 launches on January 26, 2023, in Japan.

Disgaea 7 Reveal Trailer

Disgaea 7’s Main Characters

As is tradition in Disgaea, the series features a new cast of characters in an entirely new world. With several characters inspired by Japanese myths and Onis, lets check out the new main characters among over 45 playable characters and classes in the game!

■ Fuji – CV: Kaito Ishikawa

A Samurai who is both poor, but loves money. He is always lazy and is deathly allergic to human sentimentality, including emotions like love. So much so that if someone even tries showering him in affection, he coughs up blood!

Disgaea 7

■ Piririka – CV: Hiyori Nitta

The super-naive Hinomoto otaku. This unassuming girl is actually the CEO from another Netherworld! Being sheltered for all of her life, Piririka experienced the world through manga and anime, and went to Hinomoto to experience that kind of life firsthand! But it’s not quite how she imagined it…

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 6

■ Ao – CV: Riona Imaizumi

An emotionally unhinged girl who claims that Fuji is her father!

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 5

■ Wey-Yasu – CV: Takuma Terashima

The main antagonist of this story, the corrupt and incompetent shogun.

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 7

■ Seefour – CV: Rina Kitagawa

Robin-hood by night, explosive maniac by thief, Seefour steals for the poor but her love of explosions doesn’t help her be as quiet as she’d like!

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 8

■ Suisen – CV: Maki Kawase

A humanoid weapon that can seemingly see into the future…

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 9

■ Higan Zesshousai – CV: Yui Kondou

The world’s strongest swordswoman! Too bad all of the swords she would like to wield break instantly in her hands…

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 10

Dodeka MAX Out Your Characters!

This time, the series’ crazy mechanic is the Dodeka MAX Mode! Enemies and players in Disgaea 7 can now be enlarged to such a ridiculous size, that they’ll even break the map’s boundaries! Being Dodeka MAX allows you to take out multiple enemies in a single swing, while also opening giant treasure boxes in the map, and give you a chance against Dodeka MAX’ed enemies!

disgaea 7 trailer 0010
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 11
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 12

Strengthen Characters and Items With Reincarnation!

Tired of old equipment not being as powerful? Want to Turn a spear into pancakes? You can do that now with Disgaea 7’s new reincarnation system! This unique system allows you to revive weapons and characters, by changing their original form into something completely new.

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 16
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 15

You can transfer weapon skills and properties onto another, breathing new life into a weapon that would have otherwise been irrelevant at later points in the game. Even Lv0 weapons can be made to deal ridiculous amounts of damage!

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 17
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 19

Characters can also be reincarnated to change their class while retaining their old properties. Want a mage to absolutely evaporate someone with their bare hands? Why not?!

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 20

Online AI Ranking Battles

It’s a first for the series, Ranked batles! You can now set up a party of characters to do battle against other players’ teams, using this new AI battle system. Don’t worry if you think your team won’t be as intelligent as you’d like, as you can even set several sub-routines and what skills you want them to execute, along with what situations you want them to do it in to help maximize your chances of winning!

disgaea 7 trailer 001
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 21
Disgaea 7 trailer new features 22

Maybe you want your character to heal when someone’s below 99% HP, or perform a buff when surrounded, the possibilities are endless, and if you prefer a simpler AI behavior, there are settings for that too, with a preview of their basic strategy, and you can modify that preset to your liking so you don’t have to start from scratch!

Disgaea 7 trailer new features 23

About Disgaea

Disgaea is an SRPG series created by Nippon Ichi Software, with the first in the series, Disgaea being released on January 30, 2003. The series typically follows a hero/demon lord on a comedic, yet heartwarming story to defeat a great evil while meeting new companions along the way and learning the value of friendship and the joys of committing evil.

The series features several wacky mechanics, including the ability to lift up and stack units on top of one another to quickly maneuver around a field, team combo attacks, and insane damage numbers and levels stacking up to the billions, if not trillions, and beyond!

disgaea 7 trailer 0014
disgaea 7 trailer 0012

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