The Lords of The Fallen Reboot Announced at Gamescom 2022


Deck 13 announced a reboot to the 2014 souls-like, Lords of the Fallen earlier this week at Gamescom, titled The Lords of The Fallen, because of course video games just can’t have a “2” in the title anymore. The game was announced with a new cinematic trailer.

With the exception of the 100 people that actually finished Lords of the Fallen including me, you may remember it as a souls-like that was met with a fairly mixed reception on launch, with many complaints about the game’s stiff animations, clunky combat, and confusing world design, which developers Deck 13 corrected with its souls-like, The Surge.

While it’s still baffling to me that Lords of The Fallen even has a reboot, the new trailer actually looks pretty cool, and the developers even stated on Twitter that the game is going to have uninterrupted co-op suggesting a co-op campaign experience, and the game taking place 1000 years after the original with a new story.

As lukewarm as the original game’s reception was, Deck 13’s experience on The Surge and The Surge 2, will likely be instrumental in modernizing this game, making it far more accessible and less clunky than its original game eight years ago.

The Lords of The Fallen Cinematic Trailer

About The Lords of the Fallen

The Lords of the Fallen is a sequel/reboot to the original 2014 Lord of the Fallen, a souls-like set in a dark fantasy world.

In the original, players took control of Harkyn, an imprisoned convict covered in several tattoos in the form of runes, marking the sins he has committed in his life. Harkyn is given a chance at redemption when he is freed from prison on a journey to end all evil when a dark army of demons and hellspawn invade the human realm.

Lords of the Fallen plays like most souls games with a checkpoint system, and an emphasis on hitting and rolling through attacks. Players can equip nine weapon pools from three classes, with the game primarily focusing on melee combat, lest you take heavy damage from even the most unassuming of foes.

The Lords of the fallen
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