Arknights Contingency Contract #8 Dawnseeker is Available Now!


It’s that time again doctors, Arknights‘ Contingency Contract event is back again, with Operation Dawnseeker!

If you’ve played previous CC’s, you already know the deal, but for you new Doctors, Contingency Contract is a two-week-long event in Arknights with a permanent stage and a couple of daily stages. Tackle these sanity-free stages to collect rewards, exchange them for materials, records, and LMD from the shop, and test your limits by upping the difficulty for more rewards!

Contingency Contract #8, Dawnseeker is available now until September 13, 03:59 [UTC+7]


Arknights CC#8 Content

Operation Dawnseeker is upon us again Doctors. This time the new CC brings with it the Asbestos Glen Sonata outfit for free to the CC permanent shop.

As usual, no sanity is needed to play these stages, and a previous rotating site will be removed, and cycled out with a new daily, and a permanent stage. If you’re new to Arknights and haven’t done so yet, you’ll need to clear the main storyline stage 2-10 to participate in the Contingency Contracts, so make sure you finish that before August 30!

Cardigan’s new Cheerful Guardian outfit is also available now in the Contingency Contract shop! Make sure you complete at least Risk 8 on your daily stages and claim the new outfit!

arknights cc 8 feature img
arknights cc8 dawnseeker 00 3

All Daily Stages Opened, Annihilation, and Record Restoration!

The Hillock Countryside Annihilation stage is being added to the game, along with a record restoration of Stores of Afternoon that featured Ceobe, and the shopping outfit for Ptilopsis!

Don’t forget though that with Contingency contracts, all daily stages will be opened every day, so even though CCs don’t cost any sanity, it’s a good time to grind out as many materials and LMD as you can, to tackle Risk 18 on week 1!

arknights cc8 dawnseeker 00 2

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