World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Celebration Gives Away Free 230 Gacha Pulls!


The pinball-themed action mobile game World Flipper is celebrating its 1st anniversary with a bunch of celebrations starting from August 29! Players who log in during the celebration period can not only obtain 1,500 Lodestar Beads, but also a free daily 10-pulls for a maximum of 230 times! Check out all the giveaways and celebration campaigns here!

World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Gift Giveaway

From August 30 to September 29, players who log in to World Flipper can claim 1,500 Lodestar Beads!

An additional login bonus campaign is also available where players can claim 50 Lodestar Beads every day and a maximum of 1,500 Lodestar Beads on Day 30 from August 29 to September 28.

World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Celebration Gives Away Free 230 Gacha Pulls!

World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Free Daily 10-Pulls

Log in daily to World Flipper from August 29 to September 21 for one free 10-Pull per day, with a total of 230 pulls that can be obtained!


The draw rates for certain units will be boosted for Spotlight Portals during the promo period. When a new Spotlight Portal appears, the boosted rates will be applied for the next units.


World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Celebration Quests

From August 30 to September 9, a time-limited 1st Flipperversary Celebration Quests will be available. Clear this quest every day to obtain great in-game rewards, such as Lodestar Beads, Dreamer’s Crest, and Mana! A total of 1,500 Lodestar Beads can be obtained when you clear the quest daily!


World Flipper 1st Flipperversary Mission

Complete the 1st Flipperversay Mission between August 30 and September 30 to claim various rewards! The 1st Flipperversary Promo Missions consists of three rounds, with Round 2 added on September 6 and Round 3 added on September 13. A 10-Pull ticket is claimable after clearing all 3 rounds of the 1st Flipperversary Promo Missions.

You can also recruit  [★4 The Caring Seeker Alk] for your team after clearing Round 1 of the mission!


1st Flipperversary Co-Op Battle Boost

After August 30, a mission asking players to clear 3 Co-Op Battles will be added on a daily basis and a Limited-Time Staminade Swig will be given when the mission is cleared. 

40 randomly selected daily winners across all regions who clear Co-Op Battles 3 times will be given 10,000 Lodestar Beads! Don’t miss your chance to try your luck here as 10,000 Lodestar Beads will be given out to 40 players each day, making for a total of 680 randomly selected players!

Also If the accumulated number of Co-Op Battles cleared during the promo period reaches 10 million across all regions, 1,500 Lodestar Beads will be given to all players across regions. 


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