Last Cloudia x Devil May Cry Collab Begins on September 9


Aidis’ Last Cloudia is collaborating once again with Capcom’s iconic action game franchise, Devil May Cry!

This time, the game is holding a collaboration special on September 6 to announce details about this collaboration event, including the characters and arks to be released. With a live stream showing more detail, could this spell the announcement of Vergil in Last Cloudia?

Last Cloudia x Devil May Cry’s collaboration special begins on September 6, 20:00 [PST].

Last Cloudia x Devil May Cry Livestream

About Devil May Cry

A series that needs little introduction, Devil May Cry is Capcom’s hit action game series that has sold over 26 million copies worldwide as of June 30, 2022.

The series features the Devil Hunter Dante, a demon-human hybrid, and son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. The games have Dante, and later a cast of playable supporting characters slash, shoot, and absolutely style on their opponents with tight action gameplay, a bombastic story, and an amazing sound design tied together with Dante’s wit.

Last Cloudia x Devil May Cry

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