Playism Game Show Previews Six New Titles; Rusted Moss, Valkyrie of Phantasm, DRAINUS, and More at TGS 2022


During yesterday’s Playsim Game Show TGS 2022 Preview live stream program, the indie game publisher Playism unveiled six new indie titles that they will publish in the coming year, which include Ib, Rusted Moss, Valkyrie of Phantasm, DRAINUS, Marfusha, and Drago Noka. All six games will be showcased at the Playsim booth with playable demos in Tokyo Game Show 2022, so be sure to check it out.


The remake of Ib, the cult adventure game set in an art museum, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter, following its successful release on Steam for PC. Developed by Japanese indie developer kouri and originally released in 2012 as a free game, Ib is a 2D adventure horror game that takes place in a creepy art museum.

A playable demo of the Nintendo Switch version of Ib is also available in the Playism booth at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Those who come by and play the demo will also receive a special postcard designed specifically for the event.


In the remake version, improvements have been made to the original concept of “making the game enjoyable even for players who are not good at games” to allow even more people to enjoy the game. Moreover, almost all graphics for maps, characters, and stills are improved along with the addition of all-new and re-designed pieces of artwork. Also brand new puzzles, effects, and tricks that were not present in the original have been added in the remake.

Rusted Moss

Rusted Moss is a grappling hook-based Metroidvania game made by faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze that will be available for PC via Steam in February 2023! Players will master the physics-driven bungee movement tech to skillfully navigate interconnected environments while blasting away at foes magical and mechanical alike in 360-degree combat!

A Tokyo Game Show exclusive demo will be on exhibition and free to play for all participants who attend TGS! Participants who clear the demo within 15 minutes will be gifted a special Rusted Moss pin badge!

Playism Game Show Previews Six New Titles; Rusted Moss, Valkyrie of Phantasm, DRAINUS, and More at TGS 2022

This Metroidvania utilizes your grapple and weapons with a full 360° aiming system. The freedom created by these controls creates a smooth experience for users to feel in complete control of their character. Find creative solutions to flexible traversal challenges, and blast away witches and machinery with precise aiming.

Valkyrie of Phantasm

Playsim will bring to Steam worldwide Valkyrie of Phantasm, the aerial action game filled with barrages of bullets set in the Touhou Project universe, available in Early Access beginning Sunday, October 23. The newest game from Touhou Sky Arena developer Areazero, Valkyrie of Phantasm was previously only available at Touhou fan conventions but will soon be accessible to Touhou fans around the world!

The playable demo will be showcased at the Playsim booth throughout Tokyo Game Show 2022. Those who drop by and play the demo will also receive an original clear folder designed specifically for the event!

Valkyrie of Phantasm

Soar through the skies freely, dodge a rain of enemy fire gracefully, and counter with a variety of dazzling spells in Valkyrie of Phantasm, Area-ZERO’s (Touhou Sky Arena) latest Touhou Derivative Project that’s faster and more thrilling than anything before!


The 2D side-scrolling shooter DRAINUS is coming to Nintendo Switch with seven new languages this winter! Developed by Team Ladybug, the creators of Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, and Touhou Luna Nights, DRAINUS is a bullet-absorbing side-scrolling shooter in which the player takes control of “Drainus”, a ship that can absorb
energy bullets, to take down the countless enemy ships zipping through space. Energy absorbed can be used to enhance the ship’s functions, such as adding new weapons.

Don’t forget to visit the Playism booth to experience the first available Switch demo at Tokyo Game Show 2022!

This is a game that even casual players who are not well-versed at shooting games can enjoy, it has an “Easy” mode, a “Normal” mode, and a “Hard” mode that will satisfy even the hardcore gamers out there. Beat the game to unlock two new game modes, allowing for a different experience than the first playthrough!


Playism is also publishing the console version of Marfusha, a high-tempo shooting game that coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this winter!

A Nintendo Switch demo will be on exhibition and free to play for all participants who attend Tokyo Game Show! Participants who play the demo will receive a custom designed Marfusha Calorie Mate.

Marfusha main

The player takes the role of Marfusha, a young girl who guards a border gate and defends it at any cost against relentless oncoming enemies. Experience the harsh pixelated dystopian world in this high-tempo shooting game with simple controls!
Scrounge up as much cash as you can from your heavily-taxed salary to purchase as many cards as you can in order to face increasingly powerful enemies!

Drago Noka

Playism is also bringing Drago Noka, a slow-paced simulation game to Nintendo Switch after its successful launch on Steam. The game is developed by GeSEI unkan, the indie game developers behind Wandering. They used the game construction tool WOLF RPG Editor to bring this city-building game to life.

Participants who attend Tokyo Game Show 2022 will be able to get a taste of the Nintendo Switch version!

DragoNoka Keyart 1920x1080 en 800x450 1

In Drago Noka, players will develop their very own village, gather various materials, and create new items. Relax and enjoy a peaceful village life while soaring high in the sky atop a dragons’ back! Take on many different jobs like farming, blacksmithing, fishing, sewing, cooking, synthesizing, and raising farm animals! Create the village you desire while taking care of your villagers’ needs.

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