Volcano Princess Has You Raising Your Daughter in a World Full of Demons


Gamera Games and Egg Hatcher unveiled a new choose-your-own-adventure RPG title, Volcano Princess coming to PC via Steam.

You and your daughter live in a land called the Volcano Kingdom. While you and your daughter live peacefully in a village side, the lands outside are rife with demons, with humans and demons battling daily for survival. How will you raise your daughter, and how will your actions influence her as she grows up?

The game is getting a demo in October and has no final release date currently.

Volcano Princess Announcement Trailer

About Volcano Princess

The game is primarily a time-manage simulation RPG. Every action and choice takes up time and valuable resources. You can train your cute daughter in various ways, having her study, play with her, or going out to the world to explore together! You’ll have to watch for her mood, your resources, and food as you progress through the best years of her life.

Every action you take can influence her future, so make the best choices you can as a parent to make sure your daughter grows up healthy, strong, or something more!

Volcano Princess
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