Quester is a Hack-and-Slash RPG Featuring Art by Bastard!!’s Creator Kazushi Hagiwara


The independent game production company Thousand Games announced Quester, a hack-and-slash RPG for PC with an original story and character design by Kazuyoshi Hagiwara, who you may know for his work in Bastard!!.

In conjunction with the announcement, a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire has been launched to solicit supporters (who will be later recruited as closed beta test participants) for the production of this title.

Furthermore, the prototype for the PC version will be exhibited at the indie game corner at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Quester PV

About Quester

Quester is a co-creation project launched by Kazuyoshi Hagiwara, game designer Hironori Kato and producer Toshimichi Kuwahara with the goal of “creating a unique hack-and-slash game that is unique”.

Quester is a Hack-and-Slash RPG Featuring Art by Bastard!!'s Creator Kazushi Hagiwara

The game’s story is set in a decadent future where civilization can no longer be sustained due to a natural cataclysm that has spread a virus harmful to the human body. In this world where deformed creatures are crawling out of the ground, the player explores the world by hand with a limited field of vision.

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The crowdfunding project has a goal of JPY$1.5 million yen, and it will be held until October 16. Support starts at JPY$3,000 and includes various returns such as the right to participate in the closed beta test, a concept guidebook containing setting materials and interviews with the creators, an originally designed mask, and even a limited edition cassette tape containing the game’s music.

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Quester Roadmap

The developers have also shared their planned roadmap for the game’s development. Have a look:

September 15 – 18, 2022: Tokyo Game Show 2022 Playable Exhibit
October 16, 2022: Crowdfunding period ends.
October 17, 2022: Closed Beta Test begins and the Official website opens
November 13, 2022: Digi-Gee Expo 2022 Playable exhibit (Pending. Subject to cancellation.)
Mid-December 2022: Closed Beta Test period ends.
Late December 2022: Game Release (tentative)

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