NetEase Unveils New Mobile MMORPG Ashfall, With Composer Hans Zimmer


NetEase just announced at TGS 2022 that it is working on a brand new open-world mobile and PC MMORPG title called Ashfall.

The game is being developed by Legendary Star Studios and is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland with you playing as a wanderer, not an adventure through a dust-filled wasteland after a nuclear war destroyed all of civilization.

The game also features an all-star music staff, with legendary composer Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazarro, alongside Inon Zur who produced music for the Fallout series, to create the ultimate music experience while you trek this wasteland.

Ashfall is set to release on iOS, Android, and PC in 2023.

About Ashfall

Ashfall is said to be an open-world MMORPG, focusing primarily on shooting mechanics. Players get to explore this war-torn world, searching for resources in a world that has barely any left to share.

You will encounter various dangerous beasts and horrifying scenery from the war, scavenging for weapons, and write your own post-apocalyptic story. You can also enjoy the game with a friend or two, as the game supports online multiplayer with crossplay across iOS, Android, and even PC.

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The world was torn asunder after a nuclear war between humanity and machines, leaving the world covered in sand, dust, and with remnants of old humanity. The game is said to feature Asian elements, implying that the setting this time around is based in Asia, a place not commonly explored in post-apocalyptic scenarios, as it is usually western countries depicted with this setting.

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As the game is a shooter, expect to take advantage of the terrain with a host of unique firearms, exploring unique dungeons and also unlock different skills that raise your crafting, collecting, shooting, and movement abilities, with you being able to freely allocate these however you choose.

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The Music Team

■ Hans Zimmer

One of the biggest names in Hollywood. You know him, and we love him as the composer for The Dark Knight Trilogy, Dune, Pirate of the Caribbean, and so many classic films.

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■ Steve Mazarro

With a filmography including Dune, The Amazing Spider-Man, No Time to Die and so much more, Steve Mazarro is no stranger to producing music.

When asked about working on Ashfall, he said “I still can’t believe I get to collaborate with Hans Zimmer on music for Ashfall. When they brought the concept to me for the first time, I still remember how absorbed I was in this world’s outstanding design. I think the idea of using Asian elements to convey this post-apocalyptic world was inspiring, and we’ll do our best to create memorable moments using music that will make players want to dive even further into this world.”


■ Inon Zur

A composer who has focuses primarily on video game music, his works include the recent Fallout titles from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4, Prince of Persia, Dragon Age: Origins, and many more.

When asked about his role in this, he commented “This time, as a music producer I was invited to make something that incorporates rich and diverse Asian elements, which is usually where I get a lot of my inspiration from. I think Ashfall will be a breath of fresh air in this game genre, and we hope players can understand this world better through the medium of music, as we convey the charm of this brand new world to them.”

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