Harvestella Showcases New Maps, Mechanics, and Characters at TGS 2022


The newest endeavor by Square Enix, Harvestella has been revealed to be the company’s take on the popular Farming Simulation genre. At their special programming segment at Tokyo Game Show 2022, game producer Daisuke Taka and game director Kaito Furuya were present on the live stream to show off new gameplay clips, showing off both the farming and the fighting that players can expect picking up the game.

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Harvestella is a new life simulation RPG from Square Enix, that takes the typically peaceful farming sin genre with a deadly twist. Players will see players manage plots of land to toil and socialize with the townsfolk and live a life of honest work enjoying cooking, crafting, and selling their crops.

But that’s not all to it, as the world is marred by the season of death dubbed ‘Quietus’ which looms as a threat every year. Players will have to fight the seasonal threat that engulfs the world in dust, ruining crops and causing death throughout the lands. It is said, that the period of Quietus is growing longer each year…


Time is of the Essence

Every day in Harvestella begins at 6:30 in the morning, where players are free to do as they see fit. Harvest your own crops, cook up a meal, or craft new furniture indoors! Functions like the Charge Action and fairy helpers make harvesting large plots of land a simple task as crops are sown in one fell swoop.

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Live stocks and pets can be kept in your very own barn as well. Tend to their needs, love them, pet them and turn produces like eggs and milk into ingredients and goods for sale!

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Combat and Dungeon Crawling

To get down to the cause of the Quietus phenomena, your player character sets out on a journey to find the Seaslight crystals that control the four seasons of the world. Throughout their quest, players will venture into grounds teeming with enemies. This is where the combat and dungeon crawling aspects of Harvestella show their face, as the game transforms into an action RPG. Using a cooldown-based skill system, the game features fast but digestible combat that sees players switching jobs on the fly and employing more traditional systems like break meters on enemies.


Newly Announced Characters

Previewed as well were the promotional renders of the party members players can expect to see in the game. Newly shown were characters like Emo the tavern singer, Heine the inventor, Shrika the pilgrim, and more. Among the many rosters shown off, Dianthus the Omen catches the eye. Mysterious and clad in armor from top to bottom, Omens are believed by many to be the cause of the calamity that has befallen the world.

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Recruitable party members also come with unique classes capable of different abilities and stats. The player character can also quickly switch out to the befriended character’s own class in combat, opening up new strategies for encounters.

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Get to Know your Team in Character Paralogues

Outside of just recruiting new members, players can also choose to spend days socializing with their newfound friends. Get acquainted with them enough and they might just ask you for a request. These character-specific quests can go a long mile in fleshing out the overarching plot, so why not spend your time familiarizing yourself with your rag-tag group while adventuring?

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Harvestella is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 4, with the Steam version coming a day after on November 5. The full game will feature the function to import the save of the currently available demo of the game, so go give it a spin!

※The playable demo for Harvestella is currently available only for the Nintendo Switch※

Harvestella 2nd Trailer

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