The DioField Chronicle Shows Off Its Strategic Systems with Live Gameplay at TGS 2022


Sandwiched between the releases of Triangle Strategy in March and Tactics Ogre remaster in November, The DioField Chronicle is a title curiously deviating from the Square Enix tried-and-true JRPG formula. The DioField Chronicle features an unusual spin on the Strategy RPG genre with its free-flowing characters and speedy combat that plays out in real time.

With the game’s release date coming up next week on September 22, the developers alongside the voice casts for two of the characters in-game have joined up to deliver a Pre-Launch Special Program amidst the Tokyo Game Show 2022 Livestream.

Joined by guests Nobuhiko Okamoto (VA) and Shigeyuki Hirata (Game Producer), the live program would feature hands-on gameplay using Hirata-san’s own save data to show off a snippet of the action from the game.

The DioField Chronicle Digs Deep into the Systems with Live Gameplay at TGS 2022

AP Based Skills and Class Systems

Each hero joining your cadre comes with distinctly unique sets of skills that can be used in combat by spending AP. Other than their own unique skills, there are weapon skills that are strictly tied to what weapon you give your party members, so it’ll be important to change things up to be ready for any adversary. Among the previously introduced characters from past trailers were new faces like Donovar and Rickenback were shown off as well.

ability menu 2

The DioField Chronicle’s Adjutant Systems in Action

Mix and match player units to cover your grounds! There can only be 4 units out on the field, but they can also have an adjutant unit that will grant the main unit extra abilities for them to use. Units set as adjutants strictly only appear to use their abilities and switch back to the main unit upon finishing their moves. Since each character only gets 2 slots for their abilities, it will be crucial for players to find synergistic pairs to make the most use of their party members.

The DioField Chronicle

In Game Producer Shigeyuki Hirata’s own example, the character Andrias is explained to be an assassin unit mainly consists of skills that revolve around back-attacks and aggressively jumping around the field to deal damage. To better utilize his high mobile skillsets, the mage Waltaquin is slotted in as adjutant, allowing Andrias to cast wide-ranged magic spells like Meteor Fall as an assassin class unit. Important to note is how class-specific skills cannot be used by adjutants.

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gameplay 2

Retread Mission Maps to Grind Experience

Each chapter in DioField Chronicle is comprised of multiple separate missions, that see players typically combating enemies and clearing victory conditions lain out in the mission briefings. Players are able to return to previously beaten missions to clear them over again for the purposes of grinding money or experiences. Missions also come with special conditions that when cleared unlock rewards varying from items to free Skill Points, so going back to missions to collect rewards you missed the first time, can easily be a good investment for your band of heroes!

PracticeMode 1

Collector’s Edition with A Full On Board Game

Anyone pre-ordering The DioField Chronicle at the Square Enix e-STORE can go for the special Collector’s Edition, which comes with a full playable tabletop game set! Containing dices, playing pieces, tokens, and game cards, this entirely separate DioField Chronicle Board Game is playable with up to 4 players and is an unusual piece of merch to be simply bundled in with a special edition deal priced at JPY$16,478 (tax included). As a tidbit from the producer, they commented on how difficult it was to simultaneously design and develop essentially two separate game experiences.

CollectorsEdition 1 1
CollectorsEdition 3
CollectorsEdition 6
CollectorsEdition 5

A tamer Digital Deluxe Edition of The DioField Chronicle is also available. This bundle will come with some extra in-game goodies (Knight’s Spear weapon and Mystical Ring accessory) along with an Original Soundtrack download, as well as a digital artbook. The Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at JPY$10,978 (tax included) and will be available for all platforms.

release info

The DioField Chronicle is set to release on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on September 22, with the Steam version for PC coming a day after on September 23.

A playable demo is also available in the meantime where any progress made on it can be transferred to the full launch!

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