KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube is a Crafting x Puzzles x Battles RPG for Multiplatforms


Gravity Game Arise unveiled a new multi-platform game titled KAMiBAKO – Mythology of Cube at TGS 2022. It is a multiplatform game that will be available on mobile devices, as well as consoles and PC!

The game, as described on its official steam page, is a “Crafting” x “Puzzles” x “Battle” x “RPG” game combining multiple game genres together, mixing grid-based combat and movement, along with free-flowing movement upon a world that slowly unravels itself as you progress!

KAMiBAKO Worldview

The world was created by a goddess after a long war with a devil. As a result, the goddess returned to the heavens, leaving humans to live in the world as they pleased, while the devil retreated to the abyss.

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Over time, five countries rose to power. Although these countries couldn’t be any similar in politics, culture, and people, the five co-existed together, bringing an age of prosperity.

However, an event called the “Great Division” changed everything when the land was divided into five continents. Fractures around the world are being created, with holes, called the “fragmentation” opening up large, cubic holes deep into the world. These holes are connected to the abyss and have led to the appearance of monsters.

To rectify this, the goddess sends “restorers” to each region, those with the ability to repair the fragmentation, and bring peace and prosperity back to the world.

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KAMiBAKO Gameplay Introduction

Kamibako begins with the player exploring an unexplored map represented by tiles on a board. Each tile is concealed until the player walks over it, revealing the area’s geography, enemies, villages, and any fragmentation that the player will need to repair.


To repair a fragmentation, you need to complete a puzzle. This means shifting the colors in the puzzle box to match each other. Once the colors have matched, you can eliminate the colors, making matching the rest of the color blocks even easier.

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You can also collect materials such as wood, iron ore, and rocks to craft items, or to expand a town’s facilities, building shops or more resting facilities on the map you can return to.

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As a restorer, you can’t fight enemies directly, but by using cubes earned from completing puzzles you can support your allies, and even summon spirits to empower your allies, and damage enemies directly.

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The game is still in early development and is expected to come to PS5, Switch, PC, IOS, and Android. Stay tuned to QooApp to find out more as Gravity Game Arise releases more details on this title.

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