Disgaea 7 TGS 2022 Demo Preview – Big Numbers Means Big Characters


While Nippon Ichi Software’s Disgaea 7 is slated to come out on January 26, we got to try a PS5 demo of the title shown near the Sega and Atlus booth at Tokyo Game Show 2022.

We got to try out a level of the game, and the new flagship mechanic for Disgaea 7, the Dodeka MAX transformation, that makes one character absolutely massive like a Kaiju!

Disgaea 7 Launches for PS5, PS5, and Switch on January 26 in Japan.

Disgaea 7

Disgaea 7 at TGS 2022 Demo Impressions

Disgaea 7’s release is a celebration and the culmination of 20 years of Disgaea history. This time the theme of the demon world is set in the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, a Netherworld based in Japanese culture and design, featuring the wandering Samurai Fuji as he tries to overthrow the Ooedo Shogunate!

Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 9

Skipping all of the story and cutscenes, the demo focused primarily on showcasing the game’s combat, and Disgaea 7’s new Dodeka MAX system. Using Dodeka Max on a character consumes the Dodeka MAX gauge, turning one of your characters gigantic, and also giving certain effects to the map, regardless of which side is using it.

Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 5
Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 7

Dodeka MAX can e used as a way to quickly clear every enemy from the screen with gigantic AOE attacks, or as way to counter the enemy’s Dodeka MAX. As powerful as this technique is, because your enemy can also use it, you’ll have to be prepared to avoid huge AOE attacks at a moment’s notice.

Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 4
Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 8

It seems from this demo Dodeka MAX is not just a gimmick but will play a pivotal role in your strategies in levels. Since it was only one level, we can’t tell you if this mechanic will be more detrimental to the game than it is refreshing, but for now, it sure is fun to use.

Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 6
Disgaea 7 tgs 2022 demo 1

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