Deemo II x Crusaders Quest Collab Starts on September 21


Rayark announced that Deemo II is having its first collaboration with the mobile game Crusaders Quest starting on September 21. During the collaboration period, players can unlock event-exclusive collaboration songs by clearing the event missions.

Deemo II x Crusaders Quest Collab Starts on September 21

Deemo II x Crusaders Quest Collab PV

Get Collab Songs and Limited Skins!

Crusader Quest is a popular smartphone RPG developed by Loadcomplete and published by South Korea’s NHN. The game is characterized by its originality and retro pixel-art side-scrolling action, and players can activate the skills of characters on the field by erasing the corresponding blocks.

From now until October 19, players who complete the collab challenge missions in Deemo II can get gorgeous rewards such as collaboration songs, and limited skins for Echo and Deemo, with design taking inspiration from the characters in Crusaders Quest.

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