Idle Angels Walkthrough – Basics and Beginner’s Tips


While the idle mobile RPG Idle Angels just celebrated its 2nd anniversary in June, the developer has made a beginner’s walkthrough for new and advanced players alike to learn the basics of the game! This article will summarize official tips for leveling and how to use your diamonds wisely!

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Idle Angels Level Guide

Every feature in Idle Angels is very attractive, but a lot of them need you to reach a certain level to open. So, let’s take a look at the level requirement of each feature! 

Idle Angels Walkthrough - Basics and Beginner's Tips

Rarity Stars Up Guide

You might not be familiar with the Rarity Stars Up rule, here is a list of how the Main Angels reach each Rarity and Stars:

Rarity Stars Up

How to Use Your Diamonds Wisely

In Idle Angels, Diamonds are essential resources that you need to use wisely, no matter you use them on Gacha or raiseyour angels, you can only maximize the value of Diamonds if you plan ahead. Here is a list showcasing the tips and how many diamonds cost you in each feature.

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