WOTV FFBE Celebrates 2.5 Year Anniversary with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Tactics Collab


Square Enix is toasting the 2.5 anniversary of War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (WOTV FFBE) with a month-long celebration starting September 21, including special missions and login bonuses, as well as collaborations with the widely beloved Final Fantasy XIII and fan-favorite Final Fantasy Tactics. In addition, special campaigns will be held!

WOTV FFBE Celebrates 2.5 Year Anniversary with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Tactics Collab

WOTV FFBE 2.5 Year Anniversary Special Missions

A special, limited-time Milestone has been released which rewards players with Visiore based on the Visiore they spend. Players will also get triple the number of Fragments of Thought of all elements as rewards for undertaking daily missions during the anniversary campaign!

WOTV FFBE 2.5 Year Anniversary Free Summons

To thank players for their support over the last two and a half years, players can perform 10 Guaranteed Free Summons once a day. Up to 10 of these will be available over the next month, for a total of 100 possible summons.

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WOTV FFBE x Final Fantasy XIII Collab

From now on, players will receive the Hope (UR) unit and the Alexander’s Chosen Vision Card (UR) for free when they log in during the Final Fantasy XIII collaboration period.


Players can also keep on the lookout for new Lightning (UR) and Snow (UR) units, as well as Odin’s Chosen (UR) and Shiva’s Chosen (UR) Vision Cards, which will be available in the new gacha pool.

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WOTV FFBE x Final Fantasy Tactics Collab Returns!

From September 29 to November 1, players who log in to the game will receive the Final Fantasy Tactics collab unit, Gaffgarion, and the “Blades of Grass” Vision Card for free.

Fan-favorite characters from Final Fantasy Tactics also make their way into the game as powerful units, such as Ramza, Orlandeau, Delita, and more, as well as the “Scion of House Beoulve” and “Red Chocobo” Vision Cards!

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