Idle Angels Walkthrough – Advanced Tips


As you proceed on your journey in Idle Angels, you may have more questions on how to probably allocate your resources and make your angels stronger in battles. Check out this article summarizing the official tips for leveling up your artifacts and relics to raise your angels well!

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Artifact Level-up Guide

Artifact is the Critical part if you want to maximize your damage, here is the list of Pts and Gold costs needed for each level Artifact up.

Idle Angels Walkthrough - Advanced Tips

Gems Attributes and Level-Up Guide

As a system that opens in level 70 in Idle Angels, Gems can elevate the angels significantly. There is a huge difference between the highest and lowest level Gems, so you need to think carefully before using your resources. Let’s check the resources needed to upgrade the Gems and what value they will bring!

Gems Attributes

Exclusive Relic Attributes Guide

In Idle Angels, there are a variety of Relics with unique buffs, and every angel will have their own Exclusive Relic when they reach SSR Rarity. This table introduces the buffs of each Relic, hope it can help you better decide which Angel to raise and your team combination.

Exclusive Relic Attributes

Relic Upgrade Guide

Relic upgrades can massively improve the power of the Angels, but some of you might be confused by how many resources are needed to reach your ideal level. Therefore, we bring you the Relic Upgrade material guide to you today, better save it for later! 

Relic Upgrade

Attire Attributes Guide

As one of the features that opens in the late stage, Attire can significantly upgrade your battle experience. Let’s check the material needed for Attire upgrades!

Attire Attributes
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