ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Visual Novel Gets TV Anime


Aniplex announced that the visual novel game ATRI ~My Dear Moments~, which was released in 2019 by ANIPLEX.EXE in Japan, will be receiving a TV anime adaptation.

For those unaware, the game was an unprecedented hit with over 170,000 downloads due to its touching story. The anime series will be directed by Makoto Kato and written by Juki Hanada. Animation production will be handled by TROYCA.

ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Visual Novel Gets TV Anime

In conjunction with the announcement of the anime adaptation, a teaser visual and a teaser PV, have been released. In addition, a comic book adaptation will also be published in the November 2022 issue of Comptiq, which releases on October 7.

ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Anime Teaser Trailer

Comments from the Staff of ATRI ~My Dear Moments~

■ Asta Konno (Writer)
When I was still a student, the career I wanted most was to be an anime scenario writer, followed by a novelist. However, I didn’t know how to become a scenario writer, so I went to work for a video game company, and before I knew it, I was a scenario writer for novel games.

Since then, I have continued to work in game development, and just when I had forgotten all about that long-ago past…I still can’t believe that a game I was involved in would become an anime, and I’m excited to see it complete.

■ Makoto Kato (Director)
This is a story of a small summer romance between a handicapped young man and a robot girl who are on a grand mission to save the world. We have had the pleasure of adapting some wonderful love stories to film, but this is the first time that a human and a robot have spun a love story.

What is love? Which is the heart? These two themes are universally applicable to our daily lives. As a director, I would like to return to my original intention and take on new challenges with this animation.

ATRI ~My Dear Moments~ Staff

Story Writing & Draft: Asta Konno (Frontwing)
Character Draft: Yusano Motoi
Director: Makoto Kato
Series Composition: Juki Hanada
Animation Production: TROYCA

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