Front Wing Announces GINKA Visual Novel Game for PC


Front Wing announced that it will release a new PC game GINKA in 2023, an announcement in conjunction with ATRI’s anime adaptation. Unfortunately, only a key visual has been released so far, and details of the storylines and characters will be revealed in the future.

GINKA is a visual novel game written by Asta Konno (known for works such as If My Heart Had Wings, Gaze Upon the Stars of the Sky, Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsu Yasumi, Shiki Ogihana’s Witness of Spirits in a Physical World) and Yusano (known for ATRI and Hoshiueimi no Mahoutsukai), who created the original art and character design, will team up again.

ATRI ~My Dear Moments~, the first title of Aniplex’s game brand ANIPLEX.EXE, is also getting a TV anime adaption, following its release on the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android port in 2021,

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Front Wing Announces GINKA Visual Novel Game for PC

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