Destiny Child x Guilty Gear Strive Collab Begins on October 13


Destiny Child is collaborating with Arc System Works’ fighting game, Guilty Gear Strive!

The collaboration event begins with it three powerful new characters, including Sol Badguy, Millia Rage, and Ramlethal Valentine, all three being voiced by the same voice actors from the game. The collaboration event is also bringing a new event story and World Boss, so stick around for more details when the collab begins!

The collaboration event begins on October 13 to October 27.

Destiny Child x Guilty Gear Strive Collab PV

New Guilty Gear Characters!

Three characters from Guilty Gear Strive are making it to Destiny Child! Check out their artwork here!

■ Sol Badguy – CV: Jouji Nakata

Destiny Child x Guilty Gear Strive

■ Millia Rage – CV: Yuki Sumitomo

destiny child gg st collab 00 3

■ Ramlethal Valentine – CV: Megumi Han

destiny child gg st collab 00 2

About Guilty Gear Strive

Guilty Gear Strive is the latest in the Guilty Gear Fighting series, available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and arcades.

Guilty Gear is known for its heavy anime aesthetic, with recent entries creating 2D visuals using 3D assets beginning from Guilty Gear XRD, which later became the foundation for several other anime fighters including Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Granblue Fantasy Versus!

The Guilty Gear series follows Sol Badguy, on his journey to take down “That Man”, an individual who instigated the crusades, a hundred-year-long war between humans and Gears, monstrosities created by That Man in scientific experiments gone wrong.

Guilty Gear Strive is the latest entry in that franchise, with new combat mechanics and gorgeous visuals, a lengthy story mode, arcade modes, and tons of content and online matchmaking with Rollback Netcode for casuals, and veteran players to sink their teeth into!

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