Rockman X DiVE x Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Collab Adds Gore iCO Hunter


The Steam and Capcom Taiwan versions of Rockman X DiVE / Megaman x DiVE collaboration with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are still going strong!

The collaboration event brings new versions of Megaman X and iCO, with Shagaru Armor X and the recently added Gore iCO, giving them powerful new attacks and abilities based on the designs of the Shagaru Magala, and Gore Magala from Monster Hunter!

The Rockman X DiVE x Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Collab is available now until October 12, 12:00 [UTC+8].

Rockman x DiVE New Characters PV

Rockman X DiVE New Characters

You can pick up new limited versions of Shagaru Armor X and Gore iCO! Gore iCO has recently just been added to the game, so you’ll want to make sure you pick her up before she disappears in a week on October 12!

Rockman x DiVe
megaman x dive sunbreak collab 00 7

Rockman X DiVE Magma Dragoon Boss Fight

A new modified version of Magma Dragoon, with armor and abilities based on Sunbreak’s flagship monster, Malzeno is available now!

Take on this deadly Maverick that was once part of X and Zero’s team, in this deadly boss fight to earn a Dr.Psyche Card, Weapon Patch Programs, Element Metals, and more!

Rockman X DiVE Event Missions and Elgado Market

New Missions from the Kingdom and items have been added to the Elgado Market.

Complete missions to earn Elgado and Kamura Ticket IIs to trade them in at the Elgado market for limited cards, including the newly added Goss Harag and Bishaten cards!

megaman x dive sunbreak collab 00 9
megaman x dive sunbreak collab 00 8

Rockman X DiVE Collaboration Revival

You can also replay old collaboration missions, including the Shrine Ruine Urgent quest,R.I.S.E mission code, and pick up old collaboration characters including Zinogre Iris, Rathalos Armor X, Hunter R (Kamura), Hunter V (Sinister), and Crimson Valstrax Zero!

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