Echocalypse Post-Apocalyptic RPG Officially Launches on October 20


Shangai-based game studio Yoozoo Games announced that the Kemono Girls ⅹ Post-Apocalyptic World Anime RPG Echocalypse: The Scarlet Covenant will officially release on October 20.

The game is celebrating its global pre-registration reaching 800,000 and a new 1 million goal has been added to the campaign, where players will receive the Heart of Nebu Hero/Heroine Skin when it is achieved. More information can be found on the official website.

Echocalypse Post-Apocalyptic RPG Officially Launches on October 2

Echocalypse Gameplay

Echocalypse is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mobile strategy RPG. As an Awakener, you’ll lead the last hope of humanity, Kemono Girl Cases, onto adventures. Collect Mana from different factions, accumulate strength, liberate your little sister from her seal, uncover the truth of the world, and restore its order! Fight in the post-apocalyptic world with your kemono girl companions!

The combat system draws similarities to Princess Connect! Re: Dive, where each character, or Case in this particular game, builds up a gauge through their auto attacks. It will automatically cast a Skill when the gauge is filled to the maximum which features a quick anime cutscene.

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Echocalypse PV

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