Dolphin Wave by Senran Kagura Developer Will Release for Mobile and PC on October 20


Honey Parade Games announced that its upcoming bishōjo game project Dolphin Wave will release for mobile and PC via DMM Games on October 20. The announcement also comes with an animated opening movie previewing the swimsuit girls under the scorching sun!

Dolphin Wave by Senran Kagura Developer Will Release for Mobile and PC on October 20

As a pre-registration reward, players can get a UR Dolphin Guareteed Ticket that allows them to get the highest rare dolphin, a UR memory, and 1500 Marine Stones for 10 times gacha pulls when the game officially launches. In addition to these rewards, you can also pull 10 times gacha during the tutorial.


Dolphin Wave Opening Movie

Dolphin Wave Gameplay

Known for their Senran Kagura and Kandagawa Jet Girls, Honey Parade Games described Dolphin Wave as an “exhilarating jet battle game” in which players deepen their bond with the girls who challenge the marine sport “Jet Battle” on the man-made tropical island of Wadatsumi. The player acts as a coach for the girls, trains them, and interacts with them on a daily basis as they aim for the pinnacle of Jet Battle.

Upon starting your battle, you will have to choose three skills to be used. Those skills can be linked, and from the video below, it seems there is an elemental chart of effective and non-effective damage that players can take advantage of.

Dolphin Wave launch
dolphin wave img8
dolphin wave img3 2
dolphin wave img2 1

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