Monster Musume TD Mobile Launches on October 25


DMM Games is releasing the smartphone version of Monster Musume TD on October 25!

Released for PC browsers back in May, this smartphone version lets you more easily bring the game with you on the go, while recruiting several unique and risque monster girls to do your bidding… Like, kill waves of enemies!

The game will also soon host a half-anniversary live stream featuring various voice actors and announcing upcoming content and celebration events.

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Monster Musume TD Smartphone Release Date Announcement

Monster Musume TD Pre-Registration Campaign

The game is still holding its pre-registration campaign, and is on the verge of breaking through its 200,000 players milestone!

If you pre-register for the game, all players will receive 3000 gems and a free 10-pull gacha ticket for use when the game launches! Pre-registration for the game is available now on the game’s website, the App Store, and Google Play.

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Monster Musume TD Half-Anniversary Livestream

As mentioned previously, the game will soon be hosting a live-stream on October 23, 20:0 [JST] to celebrate the game’s half-anniversary.

The live stream will be hosted by Yoshiyuki Hirai from the comedy duo America Zarigani, along with his assistant Vivi-shin, gravure idol Saki Miyamoto and the game’s producer, Hase-P!

About Monster Musume TD

Monster Musume TD is a tower defense game where you command a group of up to 10 scantily clad monster girls against hordes of enemies.

The tower defense game works similar to games like Arknights in that you can place units to block off the opponent, as opposed to only being able to fire at them from a distance. Characters can build up their SP during battle to execute powerful skills, so synergizing these skills with other units and against the right enemies will help make victory a cinch!

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