Memento Mori Is Available Now!


Bank of Innovation just released Memento Mori and it’s available now on iOS and Android globally, except in a few specific regions.

On Memento Mori’s Twitter, it states that If your device’s language/region is set to areas which the game will not release due to governing laws such as Russia, Mainland China, The Netherlands, Belgium, and North Korea, you may need to change your device region and language before you can play the title.

To celebrate the launch of the game, all players will receive the pre-registration rewards of 5,000 Diamonds and the free SR character, The Witch of Mourning Flowers Natashas when they login to the title!

And as one more reminder, you can change the game’s language settings in the main menu to have the voices and language you prefer, whether it’s Japanese, English, or whichever!

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Memento Mori Worldview

Memento Mori is a mobile RPG centering around girls who many call “Witches.”Although they themselves are ordinary, they can wield extraordinary powers. However, when calamity spreads throughout the land, witches begin to be feared and before long, the Church Of Longinus issues a witch hunt, blaming all witches for the calamities.

Witches are executed one by one, but as time passes, a great madness inflicts the world, as it is overrun by “Curses”. As the country begins to fall to ruins, and the people lose all hope, the remaining girls, branded as witches emerge from the darkness. To save the world that has scorned them, for they believe it is the right thing to do…

Memento Mori
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Memento Mori Gameplay

Memento Mori at its core is an auto-battling RPG. The game features an auto-play system that runs in the background, allowing you to grind for experience points, money, and more while you are away. Carefully building your team and taking their skills, and attributes into account will be the key to victory.

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