Echocalypse Officially Launches Today! TVCM featuring Super Popular Coser Moe Iori and New PV released! Tons of Events Available for New Awakeners!


Post-Apocalyptic World x Kemono Girls Anime RPG Echocalypse: The Scarlet Covenant officially launches today, on October 20 (Thursday)! Tons of events for new Awakeners are now available for celebration!

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Echocalypse is a post-apocalyptic world x kemono girls anime mobile RPG where Kemono Girls (Cases) become god slayers. To save his younger sister, the main character embarks on his journey as an Awakener in this post-Calamity world. The Awakener will encounter Kemono girls of various personalities during his adventure and fight alongside them in chaos and strife to unearth the truth hidden behind the great disaster that befell this world.

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TVCM Featuring Moe Iori

As the time crack expands, the unusual energy from Echocalypse has been infiltrating the real world. How will Moe Iori, the super popular coser, face the approaching crisis?

In the launch of TVCM this time, the super popular coser Moe Iori is cast as Vivi, the Holy Maiden from the Augustine Empire in Echocalypse. In the form of White Peacock, Moe Iori shows up as Vivi, the maiden of purity, to stand against the corrosion of the scarlet energy.

Echocalypse Launch PV

Check out the new Echocalypse Launch PV! Humans once struggled at death’s door, suffering from the Calamity. They fused the scarlet crystals into their fate to clutch another chance to live. Now, they have to make a choice again in this faction strife—going with the flow or forging a new path. It’s time to embrace the final awakening, and fight alongside Kemono girls against the gods!

Echocalypse Theme song MV featuring Vocalist KOKIA

An MV of Echocalypse’s theme song “Impulse featuring KOKIA is also released! Let’s feel the beat in KOKIA’s powerful singing!

Tons of Events for New Awakeners!

Deluxe rewards to celebrate the 1 Million Pre-registration!

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 01

Awakeners, with all your support, the pre-registration number of Echocalypse has reached 1 million! The following rewards will be given to all players as a thank-you gift: Main Character Limited Skin [Heart of Nebu], Case Draw Item [S Elementium] x15, [Iridimorphite] x500, SR Case [Xen], [SSR Furnishings Selection Chest] x1, [Tribute Points] x500000, Limited Avatar Frame [Rising Star], and [SSR Friendship Gift Selection Chest] x5!

*Awakeners on all servers who completed Combat Zone 6 within 3 months after the launch can claim the rewards via in-game mail! More details can be viewed in the notice sent via in-game mail.

Log in for 14 days to claim valuable daily rewards such as SSR Cases, skins, Iridimorphites, SSR Artifact, etc.

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 02

Event Type:

For Starters only! Valuable daily log-in rewards for 14 days!

Event Detail:

Starters who check in for Day 1-7 can gain a total of the following rewards: in-game items worth [Iridimorphite] x2400, DPS-type ※SSR Case [Fenriru] and her Swimsuit Skin [Exclusive Sundae], ※SR Artifact [Crown of Baal], and ※Furnishings SSR Set Chest!

Starters who check in Echocalypse for Day 8-14 can gain a total of the following rewards: in-game items worth [Iridimorphite] x8000, ※SSR Case [Fenriru]’s Vibration Arms [PPF-41], and [SSR Case Selection Chest]!

In addition, Awakeners can log in on the first day to unlock the time-limited Password Chest [Raspartan Relic], and hit the required total in-game time to obtain [Iridimorphite] x400, [Random Affinity Gift Chest], and EXP Item [Modification Protocol]!

Expansion Protocol: Level up Permission to claim bountiful rewards

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 03

Event Type:

As Awakeners aspire to constantly increase the Permission Level, we will sign an [Expansion Protocol] with you to provide a massive amount of in-game items and give our full support to your faster growth!

After Awakeners’ Permission Level reaches 20, the first [Expansion Protocol] reward will be available! Tons of in-game items will be included, such as Case Draw Item [S Elementium], Artifact Draw Item [Identification Application], [Chimera Chest], [Random R Affinity Gift Chest], EXP Item [Modification Protocol], etc. Go and upgrade your Permission Level, Awakeners!

Steel Ambition: Complete missions and collect points to obtain SSR Cases and other bountiful item rewards

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 04

Event Type:

Complete [Trials of Iron and Fire] to obtain tons of in-game items and powerful Control ※SSR Case [Niz], and [SR Equipment Set]!

Event Detail:

Awakeners can unlock the mission [Trials of Iron and Fire] stage by stage within the first 7 days of log-in and gain Mission Points. After completing all missions, Awakeners can obtain the following rewards: [Iridimorphite] x3000, Case Draw Item [S Elementium] x15, ※SSR Case [Niz], and [SSR Badge Chest]! This event will remain available until all missions are completed. Come to collect points to redeem bountiful rewards!

First Appearance Draw: Completion of Story Chapters guarantees powerful SSR Cases

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 05

Event Type:

A limited event only for starters. Can only participate once.

Event Detail:

After completing Combat Zone 12 [Lose Control], Abyss 16KM, and [Desperate Operation: Shabby Building], Awakeners will obtain 3 chances of First Appearance Draw and can claim one of the results as the event reward. Each round of the First Appearance Draw guarantees 1 SSR! Awakeners will have 9 chances in total to pick out 3 SSR Cases favored!

Vivi & Audrey time-limited rate-up card pool “Graceful Duo” available

Echocalypse Now Available for Download 06

Event Type:

Vivi & Audrey time-limited rate-up card pool [Graceful Duo] available!

Duration: October 20-26

Event Detail:

Starting from the launch day, Vivi & Audrey’s rate-up card pool [Graceful Duo] will be available for a limited time! The drop rate of powerful Control ※SSR Case [Vivi] and strong Support ※SSR Case [Audrey] will be increased to 40%! A maiden of purity and a sweet cutie, both come from the Augustine Empire. Which one is destined to join your journey?

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