Tower of Fantasy 2.0 is Available Now With New Vera Region


Tower of Fantasy simply won’t stop with its new title updates, and now after the game’s initial launch in August, we now have Version 2.0!

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0, dubbed Vera introduces the region of the same name, a desert oasis teeming with unique wildlife and threats looming around every corner and sand dune, with its prized cyberpunk-themed city standing tall amidst the sand, Mirroria! The update also introduces the new Simulacrum Ruby with her weapon Sparky, new bosses, and more!

Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Trailer

Tower of Fantasy New Character Ruby

Ruby is finally here! This Resonance DPS Flame character has the unique ability of firing a spark that will bounce between the enemy and player, slowing the enemy’s movement and attack speed, while also dealing more damage the farther apart you are from each other.

When her Discharge, Supernova Explosio is used, she can remove all debuffs from her self and turn her weapon into a gigantic laser, firing a beam towards an enemy dealing 750% damage and inflicting burn! If the enemy is already affected by burn, you will instead deal the rest of the burn damage in a single proc!

■ Ruby – CV: Lizzie Freeman (EN) / Yui Ogura (JP)

Tower of Fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy Vera Desert Region

The new version means a new map, and we’re now finally getting the Vera Desert region to the game! This new region opens up tons of areas you can explore, with the center of the desert housing the illustrious Cyberpunk City, Mirroria, but more on that in a bit.

tower of fantasy 20 launch 017

Here you will explore a vast, arid desert, teeming with new wildlife, and you can pick up the new Jerboa and Desert Rider mounts from world bosses! Make your way across this vast landscape and uncover the new wild life and secrets hidden beneath the sand. Who knows, maybe great treasure awaits, or new enemies you’ve never seen before!

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You can also fight new vicious bosses including the new Test Subject Rudolph boss that appropriately, resembles a reindeer, and the Magma lizard that can summon up sandstorms to obstruct your view!

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Tower of Fantasy Mirroria City

And of course, the jewel of the Vera region, Mirroria! An entire city enveloped in a giant floating pyramid. This city is home thousands of people and cultures, with a cyberpunk aesthetic that’s sure to help scratch that Cyberpunk itch if you’ve recently seen Edgerunners like I have!

This new region also offers a Taxi service for you to use to get around the city as most of the populated areas are suspended over the ground, as well as new trials and challenges including a laser corridor, and Ball toss minigames!

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Tower of Fantasy New Bosses

And finally we now finally have a new Joint Operations, one titled “The End Game” which will be sure to challenge players of the highest level moving forward!

The Abyssant Pupper Singer is available to fight in one of its unique theater arena, where you’ll face off against this tough boss with not just multiple faces, but multiple phases in a dance to the death.

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Another joint operation is also available taking place in the Sadness Valley, a decrepit and grim swamp lands where you’ll have to face off against this boss that can manipulate its body, even making several clones of itself! Careful teamwork and aggro’ing will be key to take down this fierce opponent for that precious loot.

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