Arknights Stultifera Navis Side Story Event Begins on November 3


The Golden Age returns! The Stultifera Navis story event for Arknights finally has a release date, and it’s coming on November 3!

With so much coming from this event including a brand new free 6-Star unit, an alternate version of Spectre, Irene, Skadi the Corrupting Heart’s new beautiful skin and so many more outfits and a mountain of content!

Arknights is also adding a bunch of long-requested permanent features, including the higher level EXP and LMD stages, along with annihilation skip so you no longer have to leave your phone running for 10+ minutes at a time just to collect your weekly Orundum!

Arknights Stultifera Navis PV

Stultifera Navis Event Stage

The Stultifera Navis event is coming! This event stage brings us back to the Abyss and Iberia, where we’ll have to tackle an ancient enemy trying to invade Iberia. This is also the first time the underwater cities of Aegir are finally explored.

Arknights’ Stultifera Navis event and gacha begin on November 3.

Stultifera navis event visual

Arknights New Characters

We’ve got four new operators coming to Arknights, along with the long-awaited Alter version of Specter, Specter the Unchained! You can pick up Specter, Irene, and Windflit from the new limited pick-up gacha, with Specter the Unchained being the new limited character!

Lumen is also available and is a completely free 6-star healer you can pick up from completing the event, so don’t miss out on maxing out his potential!

■ Specter the Unchained – CV: Azumi Asakura

This powerful specialist is a Dollmaker, which means when she falls in battle she will swap into an alternate version of herself, reviving her onto the field as a unit with no block, but can slow and deal arts damage to enemies around her!

Her third skill gives her a massive boost to her HP and Attack, and lets her deal even more damage to enemies that have a higher HP percentage than she does! If the enemy’s HP % is lower than hers, Specter will instead deal some damage to herself, making it easier to proc this second part of her skill!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 018
arknights stultifera navis livestream 017

■ Irene – CV: Rie Kugimiya

Irene is a dual strike guard, operating similarly to Ch’en with attacks that strike twice, each attack has a 50% chance to ignore defense, and has a 100% chance to proc on aerial units!

But Irene isn’t a ranged guard, how can she attack units in the air? With her skills of course! Irene’s skill causes the unique Levitate status effect, living ground-based units off the ground. This is especially handy for her third skill, a massive nuke that levitates all enemies off the ground for two seconds, dealing heavy AOE physical damage to all enemies several times.

arknights stultifera navis livestream 020
arknights stultifera navis livestream 019

■ Windflit – CV: Taku Yashiro

Windflit is a support Artificer, allowing him to make a unique drone unit, a battery. These batteries can block and attack enemies, while also buffing the attack of other support and caster units.

arknights stultifera navis livestream 021

■ Lumen – CV: Yusuke Kobayashi

Arknights’ new and free 6-star wide-range healer, Lumen helps to fulfill the role of healing units that are afflicted by status effects!

His talent allows him to rid a character of any abnormal status and damaging debuffs, such as the burn effect from Talulah, or freeze! His second skill lets him instantly heal all targets in his range and remove debuffs on mass, while his third skill increases his healing power, while also removing their status effect whenever he heals them.

arknights stultifera navis livestream 024
arknights stultifera navis livestream 023

Arknights New Skins

Several new outfits are also being added to Arknights’ store! We have Reed, Tequila, and Mudrock’s new outfits from the 2022 Ambience Synesthesia, along with a new bloodline of combat-themed skins for Gnosis, Aurora, and Skadi the Corrupting Heart!

Skadi the Corrupting Heart’s skin is special as since she is a limited character, her outfit features a live-2D animation when viewing it in the operator screen and lobby, and will cost 23 Originium Prime!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 014
arknights stultifera navis livestream 013
arknights stultifera navis livestream 012
arknights stultifera navis livestream 011
arknights stultifera navis livestream 010
arknights stultifera navis livestream 09

Speaking of limited skins, W’s Epoque skin is getting updated to now also have Live-2D animations! This outfit will return to the store and since it’s getting updated will cost 23 Originium Prime, but if you already own the skin the upgrade comes free!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 08

If you already own Specter’s “Undercurrent” outfit belonging to her 5-Star guard version, you’ll also be given a free skin ticket that you can use after October 5, and it will be added to your in-game mail!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 06

Arknights Stultifera Navis Event Login Bonuses

As is the usual deal, with a new limited character means tons of login bonuses! During the event, you’ll be given a free 10x limited head-hunting ticket for the new limited banner, as well as being able to pull from that banner once a day for free!

The Provisional Mining Permit also returns, giving you a chance to get Orundum between 400 to 1000 every day if you’re lucky!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 016

A new login bonus will also be available, netting you Frostleaf’s Break The Ice skin if you log in for four days between November 3, to November 17.


Arknights New Permanent Features

After nearly three years, we’re finally getting Level 6 versions of the LMD, and EXP Stages!

On November 3 these two new stages will be added to the game, giving you, even more, LMD and EXP from farming, while costing a little more sanity.

arknights stultifera navis livestream 04

You can also, finally completely skip the annihilation stages you have completed with the new PRTS Card! These cards can be used to essentially skip the 20+ minutes it would normally take to complete a rerun of an annihilation stage instantly, netting you all of the Orundum and trust EXP you would have earned from watching the stage play out again!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 03

You will be given PRTS tickets every day from completing daily missions, and the game is also updating the daily rewards to give you more EXP and LMD, and is also updating the weekly rewards to give out 10,000 LMD and six Strategic Battle Records!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 02

And as one last gift, from October 3 onwards the sanity restoration items are getting buffed, giving back 80 and 120 sanity as opposed to 60 and 100!

arknights stultifera navis livestream 01

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