One Piece Odyssey Reveals Water Seven Trailer


The upcoming One Piece Odyssey RPG revealed another trailer showing one of the series’ most memorable locations and events, Water Seven.

This time the crew are exploring an alternative version of Water Seven. While the location and people they meet are very similar, the events this time around have been greatly altered, with Usopp being kidnapped by the CP9, and the gang once again meeting Franky before he joined the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Odyssey is set to be released on January 13 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and a day sooner on PC.

One Piece Odyssey Water Seven Trailer

About One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based RPG, taking place in an all new adventure for the Straw Hat Crew.

After landing on the mysterious island Waford, Luffy and his friends have their abilities taken from them from the island’s powerful relics. They are then sent on a journey to search and relive the past.

Players will go through various iconic One Piece locations, including Alabasta, Water Seven, and much more as you control the latest incarnation of the Straw Hat Pirates, and go on a trip through memory lane encountering old enemies, but with new events.

One Piece Odyssey
odyssey water seven 013
odyssey water seven 012
odyssey water seven 011

Aside from being a turn-based RPG, players can explore the various locations they arrive at with the crew’s wide range of abilities, like Luffy’s rubber body and Franky’s crafting abilities to unlock new paths and find hidden items to further upgrade your party!

odyssey water seven 010
odyssey water seven 09
odyssey water seven 08
odyssey water seven 07
odyssey water seven 06
odyssey water seven 05

Pre-Order Editions

You can pre-order One Piece Odyssey now, and the game is offering various editions to help get you started when the game launches!

The standard edition will come with a pre-order bonus of starting consumables, along with the Traveling Outfit set, giving the straw hat crew their original outfits! Meanwhile the Deluxe edition also includes two rare accessories and Usopp’s Sniper King outfit! In addition it also comes with the Adventure Expansion pack, giving you even more accessories and berries to start the game with, and future DLC.

odyssey water seven 03
odyssey water seven 02

And of course, there is the Limited Edition Bundle, which comes with a special figure featuring Luffy and Lim, a steel box for the game, and all of the previously mentioned bonuses!

odyssey water seven 01

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