Tower of Fantasy Version 2.1 Confounding Labyrinth Begins on November 22


Tower of Fantasy continues with its title updates, with version 2.1 coming to the game, adding the Confounding Labyrinth on November 22.

The game released a new trailer showing off the location of the Confounding Labyrinth, hidden deep underneath Mirroria, a vile place covered in darkness and filth where the laws of physics don’t apply, and a horrifying evil laying in wait.

While that is being prepared, the game also already released a new Simulacrum, in the form of the Ice tank Saki Fuwa! This powerful character excels at dealing with ice damage with her two unique fighting styles, which lets her go all-out on offense or opt for a more precise that lets her parry foes attack with her splendid swordsmanship. Take advantage of Saki’s unique dual modes to overwhelm your foes!

Tower of Fantasy 2.1 Trailer

Saki Fuwa Simulacrum and Weapon Showcase

New Character – Saki Fuwa

The captain of Mirroria’s Security forces is here, Saki Fuwa! This powerful ice-wielding dual-katana-user is designated as a tank class, but don’t be fooled as she can easily switch between her two modes, Calm Style and Surging Heart Style to let her deal huge amounts of damage, or turn her into a full-on tank with the ability to absorb enemy damage based on her max HP.

Saki Fuwa is voiced by Sora Amamiya in the Japanese dub of Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy
Tower of fantasy saki fuwa 01

Confounding Labyrinth

The confounding labyrinth is coming in Tower of Fantasy version 2.1, a deep underground area holding dark secrets and an old evil ready to awaken. The trailer shows a scientist, lured by the call of the Labyrinth’s master towards it, drawn and then scanned by it before the screen cuts to black, revealing a new creation, implying that this is the new world, or raid boss being added to the game.

tower of fantasy ver 2 1
tower of fantasy ver 2 7
tower of fantasy ver 2 6
tower of fantasy ver 2 5
tower of fantasy ver 2 4
tower of fantasy ver 2 3
tower of fantasy ver 2 2

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