The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight 1st Anniversary Site Unveils Celebration Campaigns


Marvelous has opened a special website detailing the celebration event for the 1st anniversary of The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight mobile game! The website offers details on all sorts of campaigns that will be planned for the first Anniversary, including comeback login bonuses, exclusive banners, and more! Seven new illustrations featuring musketeers from different countries are also revealed to celebrate the big day!

The Thousand Noble  Musketeers: Rhodoknight 1st Anniversary Site Unveils Celebration Campaigns

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight 1st Anniversary Login Bonus

From November 16 to December 15, a special 25-day login bonus will be available! Log in every day to obtain Rose Stones, EXP Badges, and more! On Day 9, you can get a 3-star Guaranteed Gacha Ticket!

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1st Anniversary Event – Brave Musketeers Day: Night

The 1st Anniversary Event: Brave Musketeers Day: Night is now available! Collect Event Points and get tons of luxurious rewards!

Story Synopsis:
The noble cadets are working hard on etiquette lessons for the ceremony.
However, just before the parade, the cadets are detained by someone and…?
The cadets and the riflemen cross the darkness of the night and aim for the dawn.

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1st Anniversary Comeback Login Bonus

Have you not logged in to The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight in a while? For players that have not logged in to the game for a good while, the Comeback Login Bonus has been revamped with missions that can earn you up to 1300 Rose Stones, AP Potions, and Skip Tickets!

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1st Anniversary Special Missions Vol. 1

Clear a series of missions to obtain special costumes, Rose Stones, and other luxurious items, including the 1st Anniversary Coin, which can be used at a separate exchange.

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1st Anniversary Musketeer’s March

The 1st Anniversary Musketeer’s March will be held in seven parts, each in a different country. The first country is the U.S.! If you clear all of the missions, you will get 1500 Rose Stones!
Furthermore, you can get the record of the country by clearing all quests on Hard!

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Because this event is held in the US, guns such as Springfield, George and Kentucky will have their damage increased, and damage from enemies decreased! The same logic will apply to subsequent countries.

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1st Anniversary Rose Stone Sets

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary, a series of Rose Stone sets will be available to purchase from the shop. These sets provide double the gems than usual and are limited to three times per person.

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About The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight is set seven years after the previous anthropomorphized guns mobile game The Thousand Noble Musketeers, which was released in March 2018 and ended services in October 2019.

The player takes the role of a student in the Royal Army Academy, who was attacked by a mysterious force. You then awaken to a mysterious rose scar in your hand, which has the power to turn popular war guns into ikemen to help you fight! Join the secret agency, “Kathariste” in order to counter this mysterious force that is plaguing the land. The game features live-2D graphics and a fully voiced story.

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