Line: Monster Farm Delayed to Spring 2023


Announced on the game’s official blog, the LINE Corporation has delayed the mobile title LINE: Monster Farm / Monster Rancher’s release window to Spring 2023.

The title was originally slated to be released in 2022, but LINE Corporation has since postponed the game to 2023 in order to “improve the quality and functions of the game”.

The developers have sincerely apologized for the game’s delay and will continue to provide updates to the title over the coming months.

About Line: Monster Farm

Monster Farm, also known as Monster Rancher, is a Japanese media franchise and series of life simulation RPGs created by Tecmo. The core of the game has players engage in its unique breeding system to create different monsters. Players can influence their stats and appearances through music, battle, and training!

Line: Monster Farm

This upcoming mobile title promises a brand new breeding method, with the player’s goal to become the number 1 breeder in the land! The game will also add in completely new species of monsters, and players will be able to breed monsters with the help of their friends on LINE!

Monster Farm Beta 002 1
Monster Farm Beta Feature

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