Goddess of Victory: Nikke – 5 Tips for Beginners!


The newest game by SHIFT UP Corporation is a delight for FPS fans and waifu collectors alike, featuring cute anime girls armed to the teeth with firearms in smooth Live 2D. Though Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is an idle game at its core, the app provides enough nuance with squad-building strategies and FPS gameplay to keep players engaged. 

NIKKE may be simple at first glance, but it still takes time to learn how to make the most of your journey in the game. Whether you’re here to optimize your start in the game or looking for a pointer in the right direction, this guide will provide some suggestions to help you get your feet off the ground. 

Tip #1 – Unlock The Outpost ASAP!

In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the Outpost will be your main source of obtaining upgrade materials. From providing general currency, Nikke EXP, and EXP for your own account, unlocking this feature is the highest priority when starting out! Luckily, it won’t take long, as you need to clear Chapter 2-12 in order to unlock the Outpost. 

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The rate at that materials are acquired through the Outpost can be increased by progressing in the main story, and you can even find blueprints to develop the Outpost at each level! Note that the Outpost has a limit to how much it can store, so don’t forget to occasionally redeem your rewards.

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Unlocking the Outpost also unlocks the ability to increase the Bond level of your Nikkes by giving Advice, which boosts their stats as their Bond ranks up. You can Advise up to three Nikkes daily, but you can give any number of gifts to increase a Nikke’s bond so long as you have any gifts that can be given.

Lastly, ensure you Dispatch your Nikkes at the Outpost, which can net you materials or even Gems!

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Tip #2 – Invest Carefully Into Each Character

As an idle game, progression is halted after a certain point, and you will need to wait in order to gain more resources to level up your Nikkes. You can refer to our tier list or simply pick five of your favorite characters to level, but you will need to wait a long time to overcome the game’s difficulty spikes if you invest in too many Nikkes early on that end up unused, assuming you don’t reset their levels. However, choosing to reset a Nikke’s level costs Gems, so think carefully if it is worth sacrificing precious gacha currency to reverse an investment.

Leveling your Nikkes past a certain threshold requires other Nikkes to be around the level as well. For example, you need five Nikkes at level 20 in order to raise any Nikke beyond level 20. 

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Skill manuals are also vital to success in battle, but are consumed very quickly when leveling up skills. You can’t refund any consumed Skill manuals, so double-check which skill you think will be the most useful to the team. 

Tip #3 – A Balanced Squad Can Take on Anything

A good squad should have a mix of offense and defense, though depending on the fight you may lean more toward one or the other. Stick with three Attackers, one Defender, and one Supporter until you gain enough resources to diversify. 

Keep your equipment updated as well; even low-rarity gear can make a difference, especially when enemies begin to hit much harder.

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Tip #4 – Know Your Environment, and Know When to Cover

It’s tempting to simply turn on auto-mode and enjoy the visuals that this game has to offer, but taking on later chapters requires some micromanagement to maximize damage while also protecting your squad members. Using Cover to the best of your ability is necessary, as you don’t want to rely on using Burst Skills to recover HP over raw damage. 

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Even with Liter, your Cover can only last for so long; intercept any attacks heading your way as soon as possible, and save the Cover for any unavoidable attacks. Therefore, swapping between different Nikkes is important to get a read on the battlefield, as enemies like to duck and weave from one side to the other. 

Make sure to check the element Code for each level, as an advantageous element Code allows Nikkes with that element to deal 10% more damage. While this damage boost isn’t significant in the early game, in late-game fights the extra damage can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

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Each level also displays the Effective Range of each firearm, giving hints of what type of gun is best suited for the level; for example, shotguns and submachine guns are excellent for close-quarters combat but are terrible for long-range fights. Using an ineffective weapon is much more noticeable and should be avoided if possible. 

Tip #5 – Check The In-Game Messenger App Regularly

Besides providing you with a way to access side quests that can be completed for loot, your Messenger App, Blabla, is another way to build Bonds between you and your Nikkes.

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As these messages won’t normally show up on your device’s notifications tab, check when you have the chance to learn more about the daily life of your Nikkes and develop a bond!

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What Are Your Thoughts on the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE?

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE may have had a bumpy start, but the app has a lot of production value behind its development and the different nuances in its gameplay makes it surprisingly complex. Being a recent release, the game’s journey has only just begun; that being said, now might be a good time to try out NIKKE, as its first event is a good opportunity to catch up if you’re just starting the game. 

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get started on your own journey as a Commander!

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