Solo Leveling: Arise is a Fast-Paced Action RPG by Netmarble


Based on the popular web novel series Solo Leveling, Netmarble’s previously announced action RPG Solo Leveling: Arise has revealed a new promotional video and a playable demo at G-Star 2022 held between November 17 to 20. The game is still under development and is set to release for PC and Mobile.

Solo Leveling is a Korean web novel series, also known as manhwa, written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by Jang “Dubu” Sang-rak of Redice Studio. The story is set in a modern world where humans can possess magical abilities and become hunters, a lowly E-rank hunter named Sung Jin-woo struggles to pay his mother’s hospital bills.


Despite garnering a reputation of being the world’s weakest hunter, he makes an honest wage by frequently joining dungeon raids. After his party left him for dead in a dangerous double lair, Jin-woo accidentally completed a secret quest, which earned him the right to become a “player”, a special role that allows him to clear dungeons, obtain quests, and raise his stats by himself.


While Solo Leveling: Arise will share the same worldview as the original story, players will be able to level up the characters and awaken them to the strongest hunter. According to a recent demo exhibited at G-Star 2022, the game will feature three game modes; including a “Story Mode” that depicts the growth of Sung, a “Hunter Mode” that allows you to operate hunters from various guilds, and “Time Attack Mode” that you have to defeat the enemy quickly.

Solo Leveling Arise 003

As an action RPG which is one of the strength of Netmarble, Solo Leveling: Arise has an anime-like 3D graphics faithfully reproduce the taste of the original, while the characters move around with responsive actions and flashy effects. Each characters has four different skills and you will have to switch characters and make use of their unquie features to counter the enemies on the field.

Solo Leveling Arise 0008
Solo Leveling Arise 0006

Although there still no info on when the game will be released, the series’ television anime adaptation will debut in 2023 to give you a taste on how the story is like. Pre-registration of Solo Leveling: Arise also opens on the official site, but you may need a Korean mobile number to complete the registration.

Solo Leveling: Arise PV (G-Star 2022)

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