Digimon World: Next Order Reveals New Features, Beginner’s Mode, and 1.4x Speed Dash


Bandai Namco has revealed more details and the new features that are coming to the Digimon World: Next Order Nintendo Switch/PC port, which is slated to release on February 22. The announcement introduced two new features: A Beginner’s Mode and a feature that allows players to dash into the overworld.

In Digimon World: Next Order, you step into the role of a DigiDestined, embark on another quest in the digital world to restore the world back to order after Machinedramon took over the world, and uncover the dark forces at play behind its takeover! You will encounter a huge array of Digimon and recruit them as you battle in real-time RPG combat, strengthening their bonds and evolving your Digimon!

In this adventure, players can obtain over 200 unique Digimon creatures and battle them against enemy viruses and other Digimon! Select from two of your favorites to walk alongside you as you fight enemies in real-time. The more you fight with your Digimon, the stronger they are, and your bond with them grows eventually unlocking their evolutions.

Digimon World: Next Order Reveals New Features, Beginner's Mode, and 1.4x Speed Dash

Digimon World: Next Order Characters

■ Takuto/Shiki – CV: Yuuta Kasuya / Saki Fujita
The protagonist of the game. They are a senior in high school who has finished their club activities and is studying for entrance exams. When they were little, they were passionate about Digital Monsters, and even won second place in a national tournament when he was in the 5th grade of elementary school.

When he activated the Digivice he received at that tournament for the first time in a long time, he was transported to another world, known as the Digital World. Taking advantage of the peculiarity that only the main character can have two partner Digimon, they both go on adventure in the Digital World in order to return to their daily life.

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Digimon World: Next Order Features

In Digimon World: Next Order, two Partner Digimons can raise at the same time. The partner Digimon that you will be adventuring with will have a limited lifespan, and you will raise them by taking care of them and communicating with them in various ways, such as eating and going to the bathroom, during the limited time you have with them.

They can also evolve into stronger Digimon by growing through training and battles. When a partner Digimon’s lifespan ends, it becomes a Digimon and must be re-trained, but by increasing its basic parameters and transferring its skills, it can be trained over and over again to become a stronger Digimon.

■ Digimon Training

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■ Communication

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■ Evolution

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Join the Digimon to Save the Land of Flotia

The story is told by adventuring in the field from a base in Flotia, the Town of Beginnings, and acquiring information and items. Wild Digimon roams the fields and may battle you.

Also, if you help a Digimon that is in trouble, it may move to the city. As the number of Digimon living in Flotia increases, the town will grow and new facilities will be built to help with training and adventures, such as upgrading the training grounds and building a transfer shop, making it easier to raise stronger Digimon.

■ Town of Beginnings

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■ Field

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Digimon World: Next Order Battle System

In battle, Partner Digimon thinks and fights on their own. Their behavior depends on how you have taken care of them and their partner Digimon’s personality, so you should support them by cheering them up, giving them instructions, using items, and so on so that they can fight to your advantage.

However, if your Partner Digimon is in a bad mood or not well trained, it will not listen to you, so it is important to take good care of your Digimon on a regular basis. Sometimes, Digimon can also release special moves that can deal lots of damage.

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Digimon World: Next Order New Features

The following two features will be added exclusively to this new Nintendo Switch/PC port:

■ Beginner’s Mode
In the newly added”Beginner Mode difficulty level, the strength of enemies is reduced, making it easy to play even for those who have never played the Digimon World series.

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■ You can now dash into the overworld!
The Dash function has been added, increasing the speed of movement by 1.4 times the normal speed, allowing players to run and move around the vast digital world field for fast-paced play.

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Digimon World: Next Order Announcement Trailer

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