Shironeko Project x Chainsaw Man Collab Event Starts on November 30


Colopl announced a collaboration event with its mobile title Shironeko Project and Tatsuki Fujimoto’s anime series Chainsaw Man!

The collaboration event released a new trailer with Denji busting interrupting a normal trailer for the game, ready to begin a battle in a bid against dreams just like in the anime series. From now until the collaboration begins, you can also claim login bonus gems totalling up to 40 jewels to help you prepare for the collab! Naturally, Denji is also coming to the game as a playable character with his attacks and abilities out of the show as the titular Chainsaw Man!

While only Denji has been announced, if it’s anything like the Spy x Family collaboration, we may be receiving another trailer a day before the collab, introducing more characters and giving us a glimpse of what the collaboration has to offer in terms of game content.

The Shironeko Project and Chainsaw Man collaboration begins on November 30

Shironeko Project x Chainsaw Man Trailers

About Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is a manga series following Denji, a 16-year-old boy abandoned by his father and has to pay off his debts to the Yakuza. After he meets a tiny devil named Pochita, he becomes a devil hunter for the Yakuza to clear his debt. After a series of mishaps and gruesome violence, Denji is then recruited by Makima from the Public Safety Division to hunt devils for them.

The series was nominated for the 13th Manga Taisho awards in 2019, won the best Shonen Manga category at the 66th Shogakukan Manga awards, along with many other accolades, and is even nominated for the 2022 Eisner Award.

Shironeko Project
SP x CSM Collab 003
SP x CSM Collab 005
SP x CSM Collab 004

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