takt op. Mobile Unveils New Trailer and CBT on December 15


DeNA’s takt op. mobile game takt op. Destiny is the City of Crimson Melody, recently held a live-stream unveiling a ton of new information about the game, including its upcoming Closed Beta Test, the game’s systems, characters, and more!

Signing up for for takt op. mobile’s CBT just needs you to pre-register for the game on the Play store! Sadly this means the beta is only available to players on Android. The recruitment period for the CBT ends on December 13, 23:59 [JST] and begins on December 15 to December 28, and will be playable for up to 5,000 players.

The game also unveiled a ton of new information, such as the game’s story, character story mode, how the game’s combat works, the special tea time mode, along with a bunch of new characters and the special illustration by L.A.M for reaching 500,000 pre-registrations!

takt op. Destiny is the City of Crimson Melody will launch for iOS and Android in Spring 2023.

takt op. Mobile PV3

『takt op.(タクトオーパス) 運命は真紅き旋律の街を』PV 第三弾(システム紹介トレーラー)『takt op.(タクトオーパス) 運命は真紅き旋律の街を』PV 第三弾(システム紹介トレーラー)

takt op. Mobile Live Stream

takt op.情報局 #02【タクトオーパス】takt op.情報局 #02【タクトオーパス】

takt op. Mobile Story Content

■ Main Story Mode

The story starts with Takt Asahina waking up from underground with you taking control of him. As you explore the underground facility you’re kept in, you can navigate through the 3D environment interacting with other characters and progressing through the story. Certain dialogue options you have with other characters can increase your affinity with them.

■ Afternoon Tea Time and Character Episodes

Outside of the main story, you can also invite your favourite musicarts and other performers to have tea with them, getting to know them better and seeing a hidden side to them.

Takt op. mobile
taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 21 1

You can also see these in the character episodes, where these will be shown in 3D and will often be accompanied by battles, and other minigames related to the character!

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 20 3
taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 19 1

takt op. Combat

The core combat to takt op. mobile will have you building a team of up to four characters in turn-based command battles. Each character can perform an action such as attacking, healing, or musical ability. The game features a fast-forward and skip function for quicker farming if you’re able to beat a stage under certain conditions. You can also opt to have your characters battle automatically, choosing their own commands based on the flow of battle.

Characters have access to super attacks, which when performed by the musicart is accompanied by unique BGM!

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 18 1
taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 17

takt op. New Characters

■ MUTA – CV: Yuki Kuwahara

Also known as the Music Device with Universal Tactics Assistance, this cute little robot followers your character around and provides additional information and useful tips. Despite how it looks, it has quite the attitude towards takt…

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 16

■ Management Officer Hilde – CV: Asami Seto

Operations manager and conductor for the Berlin Symphonica, She is a strictly disciplined person who always follows the rules and believe that maintaining the Berlin Symphonica is of utmost importance, no matter the cost.

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 15

■ Nikola Cavalier – CV: Ise Mariya

An apprentice conductor of the Berlin Symphonia. A colleague of Takt Asashina and also a timid and shy person. He thinks of themself as weak and will always aim to avoid conflict. While he is weak he’s still very optimistic but won’t go out of his way to help others thinking he’s not up to the task. His relationship with his musicart isn’t the tightest, causing his musicart to think of him as unreliable, and often worries about him.

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 14

■ Avril Bagman – CV: Kanoko Sudo

An apprentice conductor fo the Berlin Symphonia and also a fellow colleague. Is considerably prideful and believes in her own skill and is not afraid to show it. She’s also quite disciplined but also strict with herself, and because of that has trouble letting loose, and is also anxious to finally become more than an apprentice.

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 13

■ Fantaisie Impromptu – CV: Hiyori Kono

Named after the score Fantaisie Impromptu Op.66, this smiling and energetic girl is always willing to listen to others, though her positive demeanor causes her to care too much about how other people feel and will often go to great lengths to understand them.

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 11
taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 12

■ Canon – CV: Aria Seki

■ The musicart that performs the score Canon And Gigue In D Major For 3 Violins And Basso Continuo. No matter what situation she’s in, she is a steady and gentle woman with a habit of repeating herself. Her mere existence soothes the minds of others and she can get along with anyone. It’s impossible to imagine her not smiling, and always calm and collected.

taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 9
taktopdestiny mobile live stream cbt 0 10

New Character outfits and Costumes

During the broadcast new musicart outfits were also revealed for various characters, along with the brand new illustration and special music outfit illustrated by the series’ original artist, L.A.M!

takt op mobile cbt visual feature img

takt op. Mobile Pre-registration Rewards

You can pre-register now for takt op. mobile by following the game’s official Twitter, youtube channel and play store.

Pre-registering for the game can net you several items including 10x gacha pulls on launch, upgrade sets to power up your Musicarts, gear, and bonds, and two new tracks to change the game’s BGM.

at 500,000. the game will receive the aforementioned outfit and illustration in-game drawn by L.A.M!

takt op pre reg rewards cbt

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