MMORPGs Night Crows and Legend of YMIR Unveiled at G-Star 2022


Korean developers MADNGINE and Wemade introduced two new high-fidelity MMORPGs Night Crows and Legend of YMIR, releasing two new trailers showing off its graphics done in Unreal Engine and planned releases in 2023.

Night Crows is being developed by MADNGINE, a studio involved in the creation of V4, HIT, and OVERHIT. The game is a 3D action MMORPG that takes advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s rendering engine. The title is slated to be released in April 2023, with the game’s key feature being it can supposedly feature pvp with more than 1000 players simultaneously.

Legend of YMIR meanwhile is an MMO being developed by Wemade XR, set in a world based on Norse Mythology where you and several other heroes are tasked with stopping ragnarok, an apocalyptic event that occurs every 9000 years with another one on the horizon. The game will feature realistic facial motion capture and movements.

Night Crows Reveal Trailer

About Night Crows

Night Crows is a 3D MMORPG being developed by the creators of V4, HIT, and Overhit, popular MMORPG titles on mobile, with their latest title taking advntage of Unreal Engine 5.

The game is set in Europe in the 13th century, and follows the titular Night Crows Guild, a group of royalty, the pope, knights, and other religious figures gather to fight against impending threats. The game world is wrought with an impending war, and monsters roaming the land, and as such features PVP combat at a gigantic scale, along with battles against fierce creatuers.

The game will apparently feature pvp with up to 1,000 playesr in real-time with over 16 playable classes on launch. Players can fly, ride on horseback and more to quickly travel through a vast open world before engaging in flashy sword combat.

The game is slated for release in April 2023

Night Crows
Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 9
Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 8

Legend of YMIR

Legend of YMIR

A 3D MMORPG based on norse mythology, focused on the tale of YMIR, the ancester of all of Jötunn. The game’s story is focused on your player character and many others preventing the end of the world from Ragnarok.

The game didn’t reveal much in the way of its systems, but in its trailer did show off its realistic expressions and motion capture, showing more of the tech used to create a fully expressive world with new tech which will be seen in both gameplay and cutscenes.

Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 3
Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 2
Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 1
Night Crow Ymir G star Reveal 0 1

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