HololiveEN VSinger IRyS Unveils her Redesign on November 27!


After it’s been teased for months, it’s finally here. The Hololive EN’s Vsinger IRyS announced on a recent return live stream that she is unveiling her new design this Sunday, November 27!

IRyS stated in her last live-stream with her current look that while we won’t see her original design again in the future, she says she personally enjoys the new look and hopes fans will enjoy her new design going forward, and keep the original design by redjuice in their hearts

IRyS will be streaming the reveal of her new design on her youtube channel on November 26, 17:00 [PST], and November 27 10:00 [JST].


IRyS New Look Teaser Trailer

About IRyS

IRyS is the Virtual Singer representative of hololive EN, as part of the group’s “Project: Hope” label created in 2020.

Premiering on July 11, she is a sweet and somewhat shy Nephilim, a half-angel and demon whose dream is to spread hope to the world through music, though at times will display a more sinister side to herself. She often streams a variety of games and being able to speak both English and Japanese gives her the ability to easily collaborate with her peers across Hololive. She also has an incredible talent of making everything sound slightly questionable, whether intentional or not.

While she isn’t streaming, she is more often than not creating music, with several songs and covers available on her channel and as releases despite having only been on the platform for a little over a year.

Irys redesign reveal tease 001

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