Laplus Darkness is Taking a Break Due to Mental Health Issues


Laplus Darkness, leader of holoX the sixth generation of Hololive VTubers, issued an official statement on Twitter and from Cover Corp that starting from December 5, she will be taking a break and suspending all activities to take care of her mental health.

It turned out Laplus Darkness had been suffering from a history of mental illness for quite some time and is now deciding to take a break to focus on recovery. After discussing with management, certain scheduling and other work-related projects will be moved as she aims for recovery.

On her end, Laplus stated that she wants to get better soon and wants to stream again and do the fun things she promised the fans she would do together when she gets better. While it’s likely not the case, this decision and struggle likely are what lead to her drop in live streams over the recent month as she prepares to take a break, and after the big project that was the holoX first anniversary.

I hope Laplus Darkness gets the help she needs and is able to get a swift, and full recovery while fans patiently wait for her return.

About Laplus Darkness

Laplus Darkness is a member of HoloX, the sixth generation of Hololive’s VTubers alongside Takane Lui, Hakui Koyori, Sakamata Chloe and Kazama Iroha. She debuted on November 26, 2021, and as of writing her channel amassed over 873,000 subscribers with also a record of 150,000 viewers during her 3D debut stream, which is among the highest in that category.

Laplus Darkness

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