Dragon Quest Treasures Adds Usada Pekora Original Monster


Dragon Quest Treasures and Usada Pekora from Hololive’s third generation of VTubers had a special surprise during her celebrated her 2,000,000 subscriber milestone stream announcing that the VTuber Bunny is making it to the game as a special original monster, with her voice acting the monster!

Usada Pekora is well-known for her love of RPGs, with the Dragon Quest series being especially close to her since she started streaming her playthrough of the series back in July 2021 starting with Dragon Quest V.

The new monster will be available for free to players in Dragon Quest Treasures as a special unlock, though it’s unsure if the monster will be included with the English version of the game, as Inugami Korone’s DLC pack for Sonic Frontiers featuring her voice was only available in the Japanese version.

Dragon Quest Treasures is set to release worldwide for the Nintendo Switch on December 9.

Usada Pekora 2,000,000 Subscribers Celebration Stream

Usada Pekora in Dragon Quest Treasures

During the Dragon Quest portion of Pekora’s stream, at around 51:40, Pekora had a special announcement for fans related to Dragon Quest! She cryptically announced a collaboration with Dragon Quest, a series that’s near and dear to her heart.

But before that she went through a bit of the history she had with the game, and the challenge she did when she fought over 100 hunter mechs!

Dragon Quest Treasures
usada pekora DQT 01
usada pekora DQT 03

Afterwards she reminded everyone that Dragon Quest Treasures was due to be released globally on December 9, before giving us a silhouette of her monster, which looked to be a variation of the Hunter Mech!

usada pekora DQT 04
usada pekora DQT 06
  • usada pekora DQT 05
  • usada pekora DQT 012

Then shortly after a brief intermission… It was revealed! The Hunter Mech with a Nousagi on top of it, bunny ears, her beanie her ear-sock beanie, a carrot sword, and of course her carrots! The monster in Japanese is named “Pekotto” and has a number of devastating abilities and powerful stats!

usada pekora DQT 07
usada pekora DQT 08

Here you can see Pekotto in action, firing powerful laser beams, being used to fly,and performing its signature attack the Hyper Blaster, all while Pekora tries her best to do a robotic voice as she destroys the world.

Pekora was super excited to be a part of the game, and hopes everyone gets to try out the new monster in Dragon Quest Treasures!

usada pekora DQT 09
usada pekora DQT 010
usada pekora DQT 011

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